Star Wars: Destiny

A collectible dice and card game that has your most iconic Star Wars characters fight against one another. Each round has each player take one action. These actions are: play a card from your hand, activate (tap) a character or support, resolve dice that were rolled, discard a card to reroll any number of dice, use a card action, or claim the battlefield (ending your actions for the turn). The 2 starter packs contain 9 dice and 24 cards and booster packs contain one die and 5 cards.


The Cool Part: It’s an inexpensive, fun game to play. It’s easy to teach and spans through all 7 movies!

WARHAMMER 40K: Wrath of Magnus / Thousand Sons models

Living embodiments of sorcery animated by Chaos, the tratior Space Marine legion that serve the Tzeentch call themselves the THOUSAND SONS!

The models we got in are as follows:
Magnus the Red

Wrath of Magnus book

Ahriman, ArchSorceror of Tzeentch

Exalted Sorcerors (3)

Scarab Occult Terminators

Rubric Marines



New GW Paint Colors – Thousands Sons

Help paint your armies of the Thousand Sons with these two new additions to the Games Workshop paint line:
Thousands Sons Blue (Base)

Ahriman Blue (Layer)


Thousand Sons Dice

20 16mm Thousand Sons dice


Dark blue with a Thousand Sons icon featured on the 6 and skull on the 1.99220102002_ThousandSonsDice04

New Angeles

Set in the Android universe, this game for 46 players pits the megacorporations of a cybernoir future against each other in a game of corporate intrigue, domination, and deception.


The Cool Part: Hidden roles and goals, different player abilities, bribery and negotiations all combine to make this a very, very interactive – almost cooperative – game.

Game of Thrones LCG: There is My Claim

The newest pack for the Game of Thrones Living Card Game adds new cards and strategies that are going to significantly shake up the game!


The Cool Part: Valar Morghulis. No, literally, Valar Morghulis is in this pack.

Arkham Horror Living Card Game Single-Player Playmats

The art on these is, forgive us the pun, out of this world


The Cool Part: Even now you can start forgetting that awful pun.