Citadels Classic

citidelsclassicThis 2-8 player game has the players take a new role from 8 characters each turn that they hire in order to get gold or build their buildings. The game ends with a player erecting their eighth building. Players will start with a number of building cards in the hand. The player starts with two or more gold (depending on what buildings they have) and can construct one building, and these building costs gold depends on what the number of symbols is on the card. Each building is worth a certain number of points, and the player with the most points by the end wins! This box contains 27 player cards and tokens, 84 district cards, 5 ability tokens, 1 plastic crown, 6 reference cards, 30 gold plastic tokens, and 1 rule book.
The Cool Part: With changing characters each turn, it makes the game have a bit of strategy.


Citadels (2016)

citadels2016The 2016 variant of Citadels is a reprint of Citadels Classic with the exception that 2016 version includes eight characters cards from the original Citadels, ten from the Dark City expansion, and nine new ones along with thirty unique building districts, and the rulebook includes six preset lists of characters and districts.
The Cool Part: New Characters and Districts!


Android: Netrunner: Martial Law

It is time for the US government to intervene! Martial Law is the fifth Data Pack in the Flashpoint Cycle for Android: Netrunner, and it advances how deeply New Angeles has plunged into chaos. Starting with two new neutral currents, one each for Runner and Corp, the expansion will include sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards).

Warmachine Menoth Guardian/Indictor Heavy Warjack & Hordes Trollblood Madrak Great Chieftain Warlock

32091_Guardian_Protectorate Heavy Warjack_WEB_0  71105_madrakgreatchieftain_web

Burke’s Gambit

burkeJoin this space crew flying through space on an important mission while one of the crew members is infected with a dangerous parasitic organism! One of the crew memories sabotages the ships engine during the time of infection thus making all the crew members and the parasite on a crash course to Earth to infect its inhabitants! Players take turns and roll a die. The possibilities of the die include damaging another player, healing themselves, looking at a crew affiliation card, or even scanning a player’s diagnostic card, but if you roll an engine power up, you hasten the ship’s arrival to Earth. Once arriving on Earth, players vote on which character, if there is any left, to be ejected from the air lock. The box contains a rule book, 21 dice, 1 dice bag, 29 cards, and 17 health tokens! This is only 20 minute game, so it passes the time if you need a game for that.


Pandemic: Iberia Limited Edition

pandemiciberiaWelcome to the Iberian Peninsula! You can take on the roles of a nurse, railwayman, rural doctor, sailor, and more to find the cures to historical illnesses that we around during the 1840’s. This Pandemic game comes with two variants: Patient flow (the cubes, representing patients, will tend to flock to hospitals to try to get cured. Hospitals also are a bit more powerful) and Historical illnesses (instead of being generic, each illness has a specific power to better represent what it is like Malaria, Cholera, or Yellow Fever.) The Cool Part: There is some historical interests that you can discover during the game like the construction of the first railroad on the Iberian Peninsula.


Warhammer 40K Codex Supplement: Traitor Legions

This is a supplement to Codex: Chaos Space Marines, with additional datasheets and options for the original Chaos Space Marine Legions, the 10,000 year old veterans of the Horus Heresy itself!

Warhammer 40K & Age of Sigmar Battleforce Boxes

Round out your collection with these Battleforce Boxes, twice as large as Start Collecting boxes and designed to avoid overlap. We have Space Wolves, Deathwatch, Adeptus Mechanicus, and Tau for Warhammer 40k, and Ironjawz, Khorne Bloodbound, Sylvaneth, and Stormcast Eternals for Age of Sigmar!