Aether Revolt Sealed League at Jupiter Games

This will be a four-week Sealed league. Each week will run from Monday to Sunday. Entry will be $15 per player and the League will begin on Monday, January 23rd, 2017.

Your Pool:

For the first week, your pool will be the three booster packs you receive when you enter the event – two Aether Revolt and one Kaladesh. After the first week, you may buy and add one additional Aether Revolt booster pack to your league pool per week. You may also, at any time, buy and add one additional Aether Revolt booster pack for every three losses.

League Play:

You may play at any time you’d like during each week (Monday -> Sunday). You may play as many or as few matches as you’d like each week. You may play against any other player participating in the League.

League Reporting:

You will report your matches each week to Jupiter Games. Matches for the week before must be reported no later than Wednesday in order to be entered for the Weekly Playmat Drawing.

Achievements & Prizes:

Each week, every player who reported matches for the week before will be entered into a drawing for a free playmat!

You may also earn one entry into our End-of-League Prize Raffle for each of these achievements:

  • Invention Monger: Control 10+ Artifacts at one time
  • Rebel Rallier: Control 10+ Creatures at one time
  • Underdog Victory: Won at Exactly 1 Life
  • Placebo Effect: Lost at 30+ Life
  • Stop Hitting Yourself: Swung for Lethal with Opponent’s creatures (your creatures can attack at the same time)
  • Got There: Use a Planeswalker’s Ultimate Ability
  • We Get It, You’re a Blue Mage: Counter More Than one spell in a turn
  • Ancestral Schmansestral: Draw more than four cards in one turn
  • Burn, Baby, Burn: Deal 10+ Damage with spells in a game
  • Overkill Is It’s Own Reward: Reduce an opponent from above 0 to -10 in a single attack step or spell
  • Narrow Escape: Prevent 10+ Damage in one turn
  • We’re Going to Need A Bigger Die: Have 10+ counters on one permanent
  • Greatness, At Any Cost: Pay 2+ life as a cost In one turn
  • Get A Life: Gain 8+ life in one turn
  • Topdeck Mode: End four turns in a row with 0 cards in hand
  • I Drink Your Milkshake: Cast two spells an opponent owns
  • On Ramp: Have 15 mana in your pool in one phase
  • Ook: Win with 0 cards left in library
  • Mass Destruction: Destroy 5+ permanents in a turn (combat damage counts!)
  • Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Crewing: Crew a vehicle with a vehicle that was crewed By a vehicle
  • Carpool Lane: Crew a vehicle with 3+ creatures
  • Pilot’s License: Attack or block with two flying vehicles in one phase
  • Power Company: Have 10+ energy in one phase
  • The Perfect Storm: Cast 5+ spells in one turn
  • High Tide: Untap a permanent three times in one turn

You’ll receive a handy Achievement Tracking sheet when you sign up!

Plus, at the end of the league, each of these League Total Achievements will award one bonus Prize Pack:

  • Most Wins
  • Most Losses
  • Most Matches Played
  • Most Opponents Played
  • Sportsmanship (end of league vote)

But that’s not all, there also a Special BONUS PRIZE:

  • In early April each League Participant will receive a foil double-sided Gremlin/Energy Token!


EDIT: Here’s a link to the Facebook event for Week 1: