Our board game library has gotten four new additions this week!

Settlers of Catan

Be the dominant force on the island of Catan (Formally know as Settlers of Catan) by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn, dice are rolled to determine what resources the island produces. Players collect these resources (cards)—wood, grain, brick, sheep, or stone—to build up their civilizations to get to 10 victory points and win the game.

Android: New Angeles

Set in the Android universe, this game for 46 players pits the megacorporations of a cyber-noir future against each other in a game of corporate intrigue, domination, and deception. The Cool Part: Hidden roles and goals, different player abilities, bribery and negotiations all combine to make this a very, very interactive – almost cooperative – game.

Terra Mystica

Each player governs one of the 14 groups. With subtlety and craft, the player must attempt to rule as great an area as possible and to develop that group’s skills. There are also four religious cults in which you can progress. To do all that, each group has special skills and abilities. The object of the game is to be the player with the most points. Players will take turns by executing their actions on the resources they have at their disposal. Different buildings allow players to develop different resources. Dwellings allow for more workers. Trading houses allow players to make money. Strongholds unlock a group’s special ability, and temples allow you to develop religion and your terraforming and seafaring skills.

Dead of Winter

Each player in this 2-5 players game leads a faction of survivors with dozens of different characters in the game.  Players are working together toward one common victory condition — but for each individual player to achieve victory, he must also complete his personal secret objective that is handed to them. The Cool Part: This game has players making frequent, difficult and wildly-varying decisions that often have them deciding what is best for the colony and what is best for themselves. It also tests your ability to work together and stay alive while facing crises and challenges from both outside and inside.