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The Earth has dried out and civilization with it. Some of the survivors have managed to eke out a living on the Saltlands: plains left behind by a once great ocean. Adapt to the environment and be the first group of players to find and reach an exit point to win, leaving the rest to the Horde! You can work together or backstab each other throughout the game, the choice is yours. Each player starts with a captain but you can increase your crew as the game progresses. Players move their land sails based on the wind direction and with the direction you can choose the speed you wish, upwind to go slow and downwind to go fast. The Cool Part: It’s got a Mad Max vibe to it.

Saltlands: Lost in the Desert  

This expansion features 6 additional exciting characters, each with a special ability and a special item, advanced mechanics: 5 terrain tiles and 34 cards. The Cool Part: More Mad Max vibes!


Blood Bowl: Troll

This kit contains the components to build a Blood Bowl Troll.

Blood Bowl: The Gouged Eye

This kit contains the components to build the Gouged Eye, an Orc team . Note: This product contains the same Orc team contained in the Blood Bowl boxed game, presented here as a single team, in gray plastic. It contains 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Black Orc Blockers and 6 Linemen, 6 balls, two double-sided score coins and a decal sheet.

Blood Bowl: Team Titans Special Play Card Pack

This pack builds on both the cards included in the boxed game, as well as the Blood Bowl Special Play Cards: Hall of Fame. It splits into two decks – the Benefits of Training and the Dirty Tricks decks.

Magic the Gathering

Duel Deck: Mind vs. Might

The newest duel decks for Magic the Gathering. These ready to go play decks showcase cards across Magic’s History, including two foil legendary cards with new artwork and four additional cards with their own new artwork!