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Board Games

Arkham Horror LCG: Blood on the Altar

With its sixty cards (including a complete playset of each new player card), you’re challenged to delve the secrets of Dunwich. You’ll need to travel throughout the town in search of clues, stopping to investigate many of the locations. This is the third Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle. The Cool Part: More story for the The Dunwich Horror.

This Belongs in a Museum

Players compete to become the most revered archaeologist in the world! Travel the seas and mountains, and use airports to connect dig sites to your base camp. Collect valuable artifacts and outwit your rival colleagues! Take turns placing base camp, dig site, and terrain tiles to connect and build their respective domains. Move your archeologist around the game space to collect artifacts for added victory points. But watch out for the mummies! The Cool Part:Other games in this series are: “Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies” and “Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses” .

Vikings Gone Wild

Players take the role of heads of clans fighting against each other to prove to the gods who is the best. During each turn, you play the cards in your hand to buy units or defense cards, erect buildings and attack other players. You will have to find the right balance between investing in your economy (buildings, special cards) and growing your army!


-Magic the Gathering 2 Player Battlefield
-Android Netrunner System Breach 2-Player playmat
-Thopter Pie Network


Warmachine and Hordes


-Kommander Andrei Malakov
-Khador Greylord Forge-Seer
-Khador Assault Kommander Strahkov & Commandos