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This Week’s New Arrivals: 7/24 – 7/30

This Week’s New Arrivals: 7/24 – 7/30

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games


Dominoes with a kingdom building twist! Each turn, connect a new domino to your existing kingdom, making sure at least one of its sides connects to a matching type already in play. The game ends when each player has completed a 5×5 grid, and then points are counted based on number of connecting tiles and crowns. The box contains:

  • 4 3-D Castles
  • 48 Dominoes
  • 8 Wooden King Tokens
  • Illustrated Rules


Sneak into an angry dragon’s mountain lair to steal precious artifacts. Delve deeper to find more valuable loot. Be quick and be quiet or one false-step and CLANK! Each careless sound draws the attention of the dragon, and each artifact stolen increases its rage. You can only enjoy your plunder if you make it out of the depths alive! This box contains:

  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 182 game cards (+4 rules summary cards)
  • 1 Cloth “Dragon Bag”
  • 4 Thief meeples
  • 120 player Clank! cubes
  • 1 Dragon Rage meeple
  • 24 Dragon cubes
  • 32 gold piece tokens
  • 11 Major Secret tokens
  • 18 Minor Secret tokens
  • 7 Artifact tokens
  • 3 Crown tokens
  • 2 Backpack tokens
  • 2 Master Key tokens
  • 3 Monkey Idol tokens
  • 4 Mastery tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

Clank!: Sunken Treasures

A non-standalone expansion to Clank!, the challenge to prove your thieving skills has moved to new environments. You’d better know how to swim, as several rooms you’ll face have been completely flooded with water. Plus, of course, there’s always an angry dragon to avoid. Explore two partially flooded maps with new Dungeon Deck cards, a new persistent monster to defeat, new environmental challenges, and more as they venture in the watery depths! The expansion contains:

  • 1 Double–sided Game Board
  • 1 Market Board
  • 35 Dungeon Deck cards
  • 1 Goldfish card
  • 1 Major Secret Tokens
  • 2 Minor Secret Tokens
  • 2 SCUBA Market Tokens

Roleplaying Games

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Ironfang Invasion 6: Vault of the Onyx Citadel

For 16th-level characters, this final path gives ideas for further adventures expanding on the consequences and conclusion of the Ironfang Invasion campaign, an examination of the secrets and legacies of the mythic Vault Builders, and a selection of new monsters round out this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path!

Gamer Pouch: D&D: Mind Flayer

Hold your dice in everyone’s favorite purple tentacled brain-eating psionic monsters!

Warhammer 40K

Codex: Space Marines

Your complete guide to the Adeptus Astartes, packed with exciting background, great miniatures, detailed livery, datasheets for 85 units and loads of advanced rules to bring to your games! Customize your armies with chapter tactics, relics, warlord traits and a host of advanced stratagems.

Datacards: Space Marines

This set of 72 cards – each featuring Artwork on the reverse – is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any Space Marines gamer.

Primaris Reivers

Ruthless specialists of guerilla warfare, dropping behind enemy lines and sowing mayhem with bolter and blade. With a full squad of these sinister killers, alongside a host of new options to equip them with, you’ll be able to strike at your foes where they’re vulnerable. As well as heavy bolt pistols and combat blades, you’ll be able to equip your Reivers with lightweight bolt carbines, while grapnel launchers and grav-chutes provide new deployment There’s a vast range of components in the kit, including 24 heads!

Primaris Aggressors

The Aggressors are a walking wall of ceramite, blazing bloody paths through enemy hordes and holding the line against even the most persistent enemies. Those foes that manage to push through a hail of explosives, and bolter shells are quickly met by the thunderous impact of the Aggressors’ power fists.

Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought

Our biggest Dreadnought ever! Towering above its classic predecessor, it can be armed with an array of devastating weaponry. With the new codex, all Dreadnoughts, including the Redemptor, can make use of Chapter Tactics; you’ll be able to boost your firepower with the Imperial Fists or improve your already prodigious skill in close combat with the Black Templars.

This Week’s New Releases: Third Week of July

This Week’s New Releases: Third Week of July

Check out this week’s new releases at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black

An expansion to the original Tiny Epic Galaxies, players have access to four new ships that they can upgrade their original ships with. To do this, they will need to hire specialized pilots. There are many pilots to hire, each possessing a unique special ability. These pilots are also specialized in what ships they are trained to use; hiring the right pilot for a ship reduces that pilot’s cost and the more ships a pilot is specialized in, the weaker their special ability is. Pilots are hired by spending unused dice that correspond with the four different ship types, and are worth victory points during play. This game also introduces a press-your-luck exploration option for players and comes with additional planets and new and exciting secret missions to explore!

Between Two Cities: Capitals

You are sought after by two capital cities to build their city centers. Not only do you have to consider the natural features that were the reason for their founding, you also need to ensure their buildings are appropriately placed, and you must not forget to satisfy the citizens’ demands along the way. This expansion, with is NOT a standalone, expands the base game by adding several new challenges: landscapes, districts, and civic building tiles.

Android: Netrunner: Free Mars

The fifth data pack of the Red Sand cycle for Android: Netrunner. It’s time to see how far the Clans and their Runner allies will go to keep Mars for the Martians!


Heroclix Elseworlds (Booster Packs and Starter Sets)

The most iconic DC heroes and villains of all time, exactly as you`d expect them to be and with incredible alternate versions too!

Hordes: Grymkin

The Wicked Harvest has begun! The newest HORDES Faction, once a minions army, are the dark fairy tale army. We’ve received:

The Child

First of the Defiers, the Child wants nothing more than to play and not be told what to do. Accompanied by her companion, Dolly, woe upon the fool who tries to take her Grymkin “toys” away or tries to harm her. Only the Child decides what she gets to do—anyone else who tries will be ripped apart like a broken doll in a fit of rage.

Skin & Moans

Towering above its victims, Skin & Moans fells mortals with expert slashes and then slices off their faces to stitch them into its own motley skin, where the dead visages continue to moan and groan. These thin, overlapping whispers eerily herald the monster’s approach.

Hollowmen & Lantern Man

Deserters often follow the alluring glow of a strange lantern as they stumble through the dark—and perish. They rise again as empty husks, stripped of hate and fear. Now they bear rifles and march beneath that lantern in the ranks of the Hollowmen


These grotesque little nightmares may act ridiculous, but they ravenously defend their masters and devour the enemies of the Wicked Harvest. Able to bound in great leaps to land upon their prey, or to spring into harm’s way to protect their otherworldly patrons, crabbits gleefully rend any flesh in reach. If you spy a Defier, you can be sure that a colony of crabbits is near.

Glimmer Imp

Spiteful creatures that lurk behind the looking glass and fall upon the vain enraptured by their own reflections, glimmer imps now skulk into combat to aid their fellow grymkin. With no eyes of their own, they crave stealing the eyes of others to see through them. They have a preference for unusual eye colors, but in a pinch are content to scoop out a pair of simple browns.

Cask Imp

Cask imps are mischievous grymkin that take no greater pleasure than bedeviling drunkards. At the Defiers’ commands, cask imps chaotically hurtle themselves at the enemy to control the flow of battle, albeit in an unpredictable and explosive fashion.

Lady Karianna Rose

Driven to madness by loss and grief, the grymkin have adopted poor Lady Karianna Rose as one of their own. Lady Rose’s songs soothe the rage that feeds the grymkin nightmares, but she can also whip them into a frenzy on a whim. The worst fate awaits any who raises a hand against her, for if this delirious beauty is ever struck down, the grymkin would fall upon her attacker with swift and furious retribution.

Death Knell Battle Engine

Creaking corpse carts called death knells follow behind the cursed hordes of the grymkin. The impish coachman rings its somber bell as a warning to all who would dare disrespect the dead, and its toll can be felt as a chill down to the marrow.

Everything below this will be available to pick up on Saturday, July 22nd

Blood Bowl Dice Sets

Dice sets for Reikland Reavers, Gouged Eye, Goblins, Skaven, and Dwarf Giants.

  • 3 Blood Bowl Block dice
  • 2 Six-sided dice featuring the teams symbol
  • 1 Eight-sided die
  • 1 Sixteen-sided die

Blood Bowl: Skaven and Dwarf Pitch

This contains the double-sided foldout card pitch, featuring a Skaven cavern and a Dwarven stadium, made to the same specifications as the pitch found in the boxed game. It also includes two double-sided similarly themed dugouts and is supplied with rules for underground weather effects.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Path to Glory

This box for Age of Sigmar contains

  • Full rules for creating a warband and a campaign system to expand them.
  • Includes 7 Battleplans
  • The Start Collecting! Warbands rules; make any/all of the Start Collecting! boxes of Warhammer Age of Sigmar models the perfect add-on sale.
  • Rules sheets for a fun campaign.

Start Collecting! Daemons of Slaanesh

This multi-part plastic kit contains 1 Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh, 10 Daemonettes of Slaanesh, and 5 Seekers of Slaanesh, and includes warscroll battalion rules.

This Week’s Special New Releases

This Week’s Special New Releases

Check out these products that we just got in the store today!

The Godfather : Corleone’s Empire

Plunges into the world of crime, corruption, and the mafia of New York City as 2 to 5 players assume the head of different mafia crime families all fighting for territory. Over the course of four acts, they will hustle businesses, bribe city officials, and assassinate opponents. Whoever has acquired the most money by the end of the final act will be named the new Don. The box contains:

  • 34 Highly-Detailed Miniatures
  • 47 Plastic Tokens
  • 12 Business Tiles
  • 5 Metal Suitcases
  • 214 Cards
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook

Q-Workshop Dice

Just in today, Galactic and Steampunk dice sets have arrived!

This Week’s New Releases: Second Week of July

This Week’s New Releases: Second Week of July

Check out this week’s new releases at Jupiter Games!

Board Games

Rick & Morty: Anatomy Park

Based on the popular episode of Rick and Morty, this hilarious, competitive tile-placing game takes place within the body of Ruben, the homeless department store Santa! You and your fellow players will be designing Anatomy Park, fighting for the best spots, and shifting internal organs around to suit your needs. Unfortunately, Ruben is not the most stable host out there, so time ,and Ruben, may expire before you know it! The box contains:

  • 46 Park Tiles
  • 9 Focus Group Tiles
  • 24 Bodily Reaction Cards
  • 6 Master Plan Cards
  • 6 Dice
  • 6 Oversized Character Cards
  • 6 Character Standees
  • 6 Disease Standees
  • 12 Standee Bases
  • Lots of Victory Points Tokens
  • 30 Control Cubes (5 each of 6 different colors)

Roleplaying Game Accessories

Dungeons & Dragons Owlbear Gamer Pouch

This comfy, plush pouch has been sized to fit dice and/or other small accessories.

Magic the Gathering/Magic Accessories

Hour Of Devastation (all of these are to be released on Friday @ Noon)

  • Booster Packs
  • Booster Boxes
  • Bundles
  • Planeswalker Decks

Dragon Shields Matte Sleeves

  • Jet (100)
  • Mint (100)
  • Umbre (100)

Star Wars X-Wing

  • Auzituck Gunship
  • H-6 Bomber
  • TIE Aggressor

Warhammer 40K

All of these items are able to be purchased on Friday @ Midnight.


A Starter set containing 31 Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard miniatures is a great starting point for a newcomer to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby. This fully-packed box is everything needed to take you through the process of learning to play games of Warhammer 40,000 – miniatures, rulebooks, scenery, a gaming mat, right down to the dice and rulers!


This box is also an ideal first purchase to those new to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby. The box is packed with everything needed to begin your hobby journey – 2 sets(Ultra-marine and Death Guards) of miniatures to battle with, and a double-sided gaming mat, a scenery piece, a book of rules and all the extras you need to play.



  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Armageddon Dust
  • Balthasar Gold
  • Death Guard Green
  • Leadbelcher
  • Rakarth Flesh


Space Marine Primaris Intercessors

Space Marine Primaris Reivers

Death Guard Plague Marines

Death Guard Poxwalker

This Week’s New Games Workshop Releases: First week of July

This Week’s New Games Workshop Releases: First week of July

Check out our new Games Workshop Releases at Jupiter Games!


You get a choice of head and weapon options. There is no specific iconography (you can paint this character in the color of your preferred Chapter). The rules included in the box and this is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.


The Psychic warrior of the Primaris Space Marines. He has head options as well. He also has no specific iconography (you can paint this character in the color of your preferred Chapter). This kit also has rules included in the box and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.