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This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/28– 9/3

This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/28– 9/3

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board Games


Help your animal friends fetch their favorite treats as you rotate, shift and rearrange the park to slow your foes and gather your goodies first. It’s up to you to figure out who’s the fastest furry friend of them all. The box contents:

  • 20 Tiles
  • 4 Standees
  • 12 Tokens
  • D8 die
  • Rulebook


You’re a deadly virus. You have infected a patient. Your objective is to mutate and take over the host’s organs. Choose your strategy carefully, though, because other players’ viruses are sure to get in your way! Of too many viruses are present in an organ, a CRISIS occurs and the IMMUNE SYSTEM will surely wipe out your infection.

Roleplaying Games

Adventures In Middle Earth Wilderland Adventures

Wilderland Adventures contains seven ready-to-play adventures for Adventures in Middle-earth. It’s complete scenarios that can be played separately, or as an epic campaign.

D&D Spellbook Cards

The Spellbook Cards card decks are an invaluable resource for any magic-user. Having all of your spell details right at your fingertips saves you having to spend time searching through books in the middle of an encounter. The recent ones we’ve got in are:

  • Druid
  • Bard
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Martial
  • Race


The Mighty Thor Heroclix

The Mighty Thor calls down the lightning in his triumphant return to Marvel HeroClix! Discover new characters, weapons, and more in this colossal booster release!

White Dwarf

The September Issue of White Dwarf is in! It’s their 30th anniversary! This will be available Friday at open.


This boxed set pits the insidious forces of the Daemons of Nurgle against the stalwart Stormcast Eternals in a desperate battle to save – or corrupt – the Mortal Realms. This will be available Friday at Midnight.  The box contains:

  • 1 Horticulous Slimux
  • 10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle
  • 3 Nurglings
  • 3 Plague Drones of Nurgle
  • Neave Blacktalon
  • 3 Vanguard-Raptors
  • 3 Aetherwings
  • 3 Vanguard Palladors
  • 5 Vanguard-Hunters
This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/21 – 8/27

This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/21 – 8/27

Check out these new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board Games


Long ago, your ancestors built great cities across the world. Now your tribe of Delvers must explore forests, deserts, islands, caverns, and mountains to find these lost cities. Claim the ruins, build places of power, and restore the glory of a bygone age. The box contains:

  • 85 Playing cards
  • 91 Printed tokens
  • 4 Player Aid cards
  • 16-page Rulebook
  • 20 Dice
  • Cloth bag for token storage
  • Plastic tray sized to hold sleeved cards

Codenames: Duet

Codenames Duet keeps the core elements of Codenames — give one-word clues to try to get someone to identify your agents among those on the table — but now you’re working together as a team to find all of your agents.


The sun shines brightly on the canopy of the forest, and the trees use this incredible energy to grow and develop their beautiful foliage. Sow your crops wisely and the shadows of your growing trees could slow your opponents down, but don’t forget that the sun revolves around the forest. Welcome to the world of Photosynthesis, the green strategy board game!


Each player will build a stained glass window by building up a grid of dice on their player board. Each board has some restrictions on which color or shade (value) of die can be placed there. Dice of the same shade or color may never be placed next to each other. Dice are drafted in player order, with the start player rotating each round, snaking back around after the last player drafts 2 dice. The highest scoring window artisan is the winner!

Gaming Accessories

Plush D20

These 7″ huge D20’s are perfect the for any gamer who wants something to cuddle or sleep on their most favorite die.

Roleplaying Games

Starfinder Combat Pad

Never miss a turn with the Starfinder Combat Pad initiative tracker. This two-sided combat tracker includes one side for standard combat and one side to help track starship battles. This wet and dry erase board includes magnets that stick right to it! List the names of heroes and foes on the magnets using a wet or dry erase marker, then place them in initiative order.

Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain

This invaluable gaming accessory presents two subtle textures—dusty ground and metallic grating—providing Game Masters a blank canvas on which to create any terrestrial battlefield, space-age facility, or adventure set piece they desire.

Magic the Gathering

Commander 2017

Commander returns with four new tribal-themed, 100-card decks, featuring 56 all-new Magic cards legal in Eternal formats (Vintage and Legacy)

  • White/Green Cats, featuring Arahbo, Roar of the World as the commander
  • Red/White/Black Vampires, featuring Edgar Markov as the commander
  • Blue/Black/Red Wizards, featuring Inalla, Archmage Ritualist as the commander
  • 5 Color Dragons, featuring The Ur Dragon as the commander

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

General’s Handbook 2017

Every Warhammer Age of Sigmar player is going to want this book – it’s packed with new ways to play, new ways to build your army and all sorts of updates to make the game more fun than ever!

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Open War Cards

There are 62,208 different combinations of objectives, deployment plans, game-changing twists, cunning ruses and sudden death conditions meaning that every game between any two armies will feel fun and fresh.

This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/14 – 8/20

This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/14 – 8/20

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Captain Sonar: Upgrade 1 Expansion

This first and new expansion adds new elements to your games, including five new scenarios, two brand new weapons, and different ways to play the Captain and Radio Operator roles.

Android Netrunner: Crimson Dust

The final installation of the Red Sands data packs introduces 20 new cards (3 copies of each making it 60 cards in a package). Look at the consequences of this enduring conflict, which has taken lives, destroyed homes, and left an entire world vulnerable to extremists in this last data pack.

Role-playing Games

Starfinder Core Rulebook

This massive 560-page hardcover rulebook is the essential centerpiece of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, with rules for character creation, magic, gear, and more—everything you need to play Starfinder as either a player or Game Master!

Starfinder GM Screen

Protect your important notes and die rolls from prying player eyes with the Starfinder GM Screen! This beautiful 4-panel screen features stunning artwork of a battle scene on the player’s side and a huge number of charts and tables on the GM side to speed up play and make sure you’ve always got key rules at your fingertips.

Starfinder Core Pawn Collection

Each double-sided pawn presents a beautiful full-color image of a character or alien creature, drawn from the Starfinder Core Rulebook and the Starfinder: First Contact preview bestiary, perfect for representing both player characters and their fearsome opponents. What’s more, the set also contains more than a dozen different starship pawn designs for use with Starfinder’s starship combat system!

Starfinder Player Character Folio

This sturdy folio’s 16 character-defining pages include:

  • Expanded space for your hero’s attacks, defenses, feats, class features, abilities, and more
  • A section for detailing your starship’s statistics and capabilities
  • Quick reference charts and diagrams for everything from combat to character advancement
  • Tons of space to track your character’s gear and other treasure
  • Room to lavishly chronicle your character’s goals, history, and achievements
  • Folder-flaps to hold handouts and other documents

Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns: Incident at Absalom Station

A deserted mining ship emerges from hyperspace at Absalom Station, towing a mysterious asteroid behind it. After battling warring factions on the station, the heroes are recruited to explore the ship and asteroid and discover the fate of the ship’s missing crew, only to learn that the asteroid is a fragment of a larger, ancient structure—an alien weapon that could threaten the safety and security of all of the Pact Worlds!

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Ruins of Azlant: The Lost Outpost

For 1st-level characters, the adventure kicks off the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path, an exciting voyage to an unknown land. Several new monsters, details on the other colonists, and an ecology of the aboleth and its kin round out this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path!

Fate Adversary Toolkit

The Fate Adversary Toolkit is a Fate Core supplement. This Toolkit includes:

  • A general approach that gives you the tools to create quality adversaries regardless of setting or genre.
  • New categories of adversaries (enemies, obstacles, and constraints), each with their own rules, functions, and samples.
  • Ideas on how to use environments to create conflict and make the most of the battlefield zones.
  • A Rogue’s Gallery, full of sample adversaries separated by genre, with ideas on how to use the characters and settings provided to create a plot.


All of the product below will be avaiable at midnight on Friday. 

Space Marines Primaris Inceptors

As well as rapid firing assault bolters, you’ll be able to equip yours with paired plasma exterminators – perfect for decimating armored units at close range. The kit also allows you to customize your models with poseable limbs and fins, as well as alternative helmets

Flexible Barbed Bracken and Creeper Vines

Create stunning and realistic effects on the bases of your miniatures with flexible barbed bracken and creeper vines.

Citadel Skulls

Add some morbid flair to any miniature with this box of 340 skulls ranging from mortals, Daemons, Orks, monsters, beasts and much more!

This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/7 – 8/13

This Week’s New Arrivals: 8/7 – 8/13

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board Games

Super Mario: Level Up

Join Mario and his pals as you advance them up the Mushroom Kingdom while challenging other players to gather the most coins and reach the castle at the top. Custom game pieces include a 3D game board, 13 Character Movers, Power Up cards and ? Block Chips. This box contains:

  • 3D Game Board
  • 18 Vote Up Cards
  • 26 Line Up Cards
  • 28 “”? Block”” Cards
  • 15 Power Up Cards
  • 13 Character Movers
  • Scorepad
  • Instructions


All of these will be available to pick up at Midnight on Friday. 

Codex and Data Cards : Chaos Space Marines

Field an army of superhuman traitors, daemonic war engines, and ancient and vengeful warlords! With eight Legion Traits, you’ll be able to build powerful and diverse armies, whether you want to dominate the Fight phase or destroy your opponents at range.

Codex and Data Cards: Grey Knights

Your complete guide to the psychic elite of the Imperium.! There are new units and new Stratagems to allow you outmanoeuvre and outsmart your foes, plus powerful Relics to build your own characters with.

Grand Master Voldus

This champion of the Imperium combines awesome psychic might (he can cast three powers from the new Sanctic Discipline a turn!) with considerable skill in close combat.

Space Marines Intercessors

These guys are the ultimate line infantry of the Space Marines – durable, deadly, and versatile from surging up the field with fast-firing auto bolt rifles to holding your objectives and taking out opponents at range with powerful stalker bolt rifles.

Space Marines Hellblasters

This multi-part kit allows you to customize your heavy support specialists with a range of advanced new plasma weaponry. Build yours as devastating tank hunters, or hunt heavy infantry up close with assault plasma incinerators.

This Week’s New Arrivals: 7/31 – 8/6

This Week’s New Arrivals: 7/31 – 8/6

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

The Fox in the Forest

A trick-taking game for 2 players, players will utilize the special abilities on the Fairy Tale characters to change the trump suit, lead even after you lose a trick, and much more. The beautiful illustrations of the unique characters will help you quickly analyze your options. Score points by winning more tricks than your opponent, but don’t get greedy! Win too many tricks, and you will fall like the villain in so many fairy tales.

Cottage Garden

Players will select various tiles of flower beds from a central market grid, depending on the location of the “gardener”, then place them on one of their two personal garden boards. Each board has several elements that are worth points when not planted over, and these are scored on two different tracks as soon as a garden has been finished. Crossing over a line on each track awards bonus tokens that can fill in empty spaces or give you a better selection of the flower bed tiles. Whenever a garden is finished, you receive a new one to complete. After the gardener completes his/her fifth lap around the market, the game enters its last round. The player with the most points from their completed gardens at the end of the game wins.

Attack on Titan: The Last Stand

Play as your favorite Attack on Titan Character… or as the Titan! During each round of the game, the Titan player chooses two Attack cards to play: One face up and one face down. The other players then roll their dice and try to avoid these Attacks, but knowing only what one of them is. The other will be a surprise, so players will have to use their wits to figure out what they need to avoid it. Protect your very lives and the castle walls to save the day!


A dungeon building adventure that combines tile laying, dice-driven combat, and an immersive narrative experience in a charming fantasy setting. Grab your gear and get ready to explore the dungeons of Skull Cavern!

Pokemon: Sun & Moon 3: Burning Shadows

Minions of Team Skull and a cavalcade of new Pokémon stand ready to battle in the dark of night and in the blazing sun! Slug it out with new titans like Necrozma-GX and Tapu Fini-GX, or battle with trusty allies from Machamp-GX and Charizard-GX to Darkrai-GX and Ho-Oh-GX. This will be available on Friday as the store opens.

Munchkin: Deadpool Just Deadpool

An expansion adds katanas, kittens, explosions and a lot more to the Munchkin: X-Men Edition. With 35 more cards, Marvel’s anti-hero comes to life as he joins the monster-slaying, treasure grabbing, and role-playing action.

Role-playing Games

Call of Cthulhu: Doors to Darkness

Five new scenarios to introduce new players to Call of Cthulhu.

  • Darkness Beneathe the Hill
  • Genius Loci
  • Servants of the Lake
  • Ties that Bind
  • None More Black

Call of Cthulhu: Alone against the Flames

A solo adventure for the Call of Cthulhu game. A horror story set in the 1920s where you are the main character, and your choices determine the outcome. It is designed to lead you through the basic rules of the Call of Cthulhu game in a gradual and entertaining fashion. A copy of the Call of Cthulhu Seventh Edition Quick-Start Rules is required to play this adventure.

Gaming Accessories

Dice Bags

  • Black Fleece
  • Tan leather
  • Elder Sign

PolyHero Dice

Warrior Dice in the color red

Warhammer 40K

These will be available at midnight on Friday.

Space Marines Primaris Chaplain

A powerful crozius arcanum and a high-calibre absolvor bolt pistol allow the Primaris Chaplain to inspire his forces from the front lines. With 4 Strength, 5 attacks doing 2 damage each, an additional Strength 5 shot from his pistol and a 4+ invulnerable save, he’ll be able to threaten characters, monsters and infantry alike.

Space Marines Primaris Apothecary

The Primaris Apothecary will make sure they stay in the fight, healing wounds and bringing them back from the brink of death. He’s no slouch in combat either – a pair of powerful pistols allow this hero to defend his charges directly.

Space Marines Primaris Repulsor

The firepower of a battle tank with an impressive transport capacity! The Primaris Repulsor capable of delivering a deadly cargo of Primaris Space Marines, one of the first vehicle able to do so, where they’ll do most damage, then making sure they stay there with a dizzying array of weapons. Equip yours with an infantry-slaughtering onslaught gatling cannon, or the armour-melting las-talon – you’ll be able to customize this kit with a huge number of options.