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Board Games

Super Mario: Level Up

Join Mario and his pals as you advance them up the Mushroom Kingdom while challenging other players to gather the most coins and reach the castle at the top. Custom game pieces include a 3D game board, 13 Character Movers, Power Up cards and ? Block Chips. This box contains:

  • 3D Game Board
  • 18 Vote Up Cards
  • 26 Line Up Cards
  • 28 “”? Block”” Cards
  • 15 Power Up Cards
  • 13 Character Movers
  • Scorepad
  • Instructions


All of these will be available to pick up at Midnight on Friday. 

Codex and Data Cards : Chaos Space Marines

Field an army of superhuman traitors, daemonic war engines, and ancient and vengeful warlords! With eight Legion Traits, you’ll be able to build powerful and diverse armies, whether you want to dominate the Fight phase or destroy your opponents at range.

Codex and Data Cards: Grey Knights

Your complete guide to the psychic elite of the Imperium.! There are new units and new Stratagems to allow you outmanoeuvre and outsmart your foes, plus powerful Relics to build your own characters with.

Grand Master Voldus

This champion of the Imperium combines awesome psychic might (he can cast three powers from the new Sanctic Discipline a turn!) with considerable skill in close combat.

Space Marines Intercessors

These guys are the ultimate line infantry of the Space Marines – durable, deadly, and versatile from surging up the field with fast-firing auto bolt rifles to holding your objectives and taking out opponents at range with powerful stalker bolt rifles.

Space Marines Hellblasters

This multi-part kit allows you to customize your heavy support specialists with a range of advanced new plasma weaponry. Build yours as devastating tank hunters, or hunt heavy infantry up close with assault plasma incinerators.