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This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/23-10/29

This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/23-10/29

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board Games


A hilarious game for ages 8+ involving something we humans do every day: Talk! Race to be the first player to say a word that starts with the same letter as the image on a card. The more races you win, the more points you get.

Clank!: In! Space!

The evil Lord Eradikus has all but conquered the galaxy, and is now on a victory lap across the sector in his flagship, Eradikus Prime. He may rule with an iron grip, but his most prized artifacts are about to slip through his cyborg claws. You and your fellow thieves have challenged each other to sneak aboard his ship, hack your way into its command module, and steal from him. Along the way, you’ll recruit allies and snatch up extra loot. But one false step and—Clank!

Codenames: Marvel

The Marvel Edition of Codenames combines the hit social word game with the Marvel Universe including Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and Doctor Strange. Opposing teams, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra, compete to be the first to identify all of their team’s ‘field agents’ from 25 Code cards displayed in a 5×5 grid. A must-have for Marvel fans of all ages! This box contains:

  • 200 Code Name Cards
  • 40 Key Cards
  • Team Cards: 8 Blue Team Cards, 8 Red Team Cards, 1 Starting Team Card, 1 Assassin Card, 7 Infinity Gem Cards
  • Instructions

Arkham Horror LCG: Echoes of the Past Mythos Pack

In Echoes of the Past, the first Mythos Pack in The Path of Carcosa Cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you head to the Arkham Historical Society, hoping to learn more about the play. But, what you actually find will shatter your sanity! Fortunately, thirty new player cards (a complete playset of each) enhance your investigator`s ability to remain calm and composed in the face of unthinkable horrors!

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

In Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, the world has been ravaged by a virulent plague and humanity’s very survival hangs in the balance. It’s up to you to get the last remaining cities the supplies they need while unraveling the mysteries of the plague. Your efforts during this time will carry you past the edge of the known world. Each step you take leaves its mark on the world, affecting future games and bringing you closer to the dark secrets that could change the course of history.

On the Hunt for Dinos

Dinosaurs have been spotted in the jungle! All players make hasty tracks after them to experience this excitement with their own eyes. But it’s not very easy at all to catch sight of these massive ancient creatures. Who will manage to uncover the sought after dinos and reach the goal first? This box contents:

  • 4 dinos in 4 colors
  • 26 search cards
  • 5 dino cards
  • Blank card
  • 4 dinosaur track cards
  • Game guide

Animal Upon Animal

Stack up the fun with Animal Upon Animal from HABA! One of HABA’s most popular games, this game is a winner of the Major Fun! Award and recipient of the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval. Players race each other to be the first to place all of their animals upon the animal pile before any of the other players. A roll of the die tells the players how many animals can be placed or whether they can add to the alligator base. This games fosters hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Adult Mad Libs: The Game

Play Word Cards from your hand to complete the Sentence Card in the most appropriately inappropriate way possible. Funniest sentence wins the round and the first player to win three rounds wins the game! This Game is a great way to make a no-kids-allowed party even more enjoyable.


The soldier ants battle to keep control of the outside of the hive, whilst the Beetles climb up to dominate the top. Spiders moving into holding positions as the Grass Hoppers jump in for the kill. Keeping one eye on the hive and the other on your opponents reserves, the tension builds as one wrong move will see your Queen Bee quickly engulfed …. game over!

Hive Carbon

The base game of Hive is made up of twenty-two pieces, eleven black, and eleven white, resembling a variety of creatures each with a unique way of moving. Hive Carbon includes the Mosquito and Ladybug expansions, for a total of 26 pieces.


Roleplaying Games

Star Trek Adv.: Core Rulebook

Star Trek Adventures takes you to the final frontier of the Galaxy, where new discoveries await keen explorers of Starfleet. Your duties may take you to the edges of known space, or to Federation colonies in need, to the borders of neighboring galactic powers or into the eye of interstellar phenomena. Your ship and your crew epitomize the best Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets have to offer, and you are needed more than ever.


Star Wars X-Wing: Guns for Hire Expansion Pack

Guns for Hire, the Scum and Villainy aces expansion for X-Wing, adds tremendous versatility to the factions Kihraxz fighters and StarVipers. Altogether, the expansion comes with two starfighter miniatures, eight ship cards, twelve upgrades, and four condition cards, plus all the maneuver dials, bases, and tokens you need to send your hired guns to battle!

Products under this line of text will be available to pick up and purchase at Midnight on Friday. 

Start Collecting! Craftworlds

A great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Craftworlds miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40K! You’ll receive a Farseer, 5 Wraithguard (who can be optionally assembled as Wraithblades), a Wraithlord and a War Walker, along with 2 Aeldari transfer sheets.

Codex: Craftworlds

Within this 128-page hardback contains a wealth of background and rules for Craftworld Aeldari– the definitive book for collectors.

Datacards: Craftworlds

An indispensable tool in the arsenal of any Craftworlds gamer. Included:

  • 13 psychic power cards
  • 26 Craftworlds Stratagems available to any Battle-forged Craftworlds army as found in Codex: Craftworlds
  • 36 Tactical Objectives, including the 6 specific Objectives from Codex: Craftworlds.
This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/16-10/22

This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/16-10/22

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Cat Lady

The Purrfect Game For Cat Lovers and Gamers Alike! Players are cat ladies, part of an elite group of people including Marie Antoinette and Ernest Hemingway. During the game, you and your fellow cat ladies will draft cards three at a time, collecting toys, food, catnip, costumes, and of course lovable cats. But watch out! Make sure you have enough food for all of your feline friends or your hungry cats will subtract points from your score. The Player with the most points wins!

Magic: The Gathering

Gift Pack

This box is a great gift for anyone looking to give some a magic gift for the upcoming holidays! This box contains:

  • 5 foil basic lands from the artist Mark Poole and his “Shooting Star” Arts
  • 2 foil creature cards (Kari Zev, Skyship Raider and Metalwork Colossus)
  • 3 booster packs (Ixalan, Hour of Devastation and Amonkhet),
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • 1 Exclusive mini-poster from Hour of Devastation

Roleplaying Games

Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 2 Pocket Edition 

The 320-page Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 includes:

  • More than 300 different monsters
  • Creatures, both new and old
  • Challenges for any adventure and every level of play
  • Hosts of new templates and variants, including simple templates for on-the-fly creature customization
  • New rules for creating and running high-level menaces

Pathfinder RPG: Ultimate Equipment Pocket Edition

Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment includes:

  • Thousands of items, including the best weapons, armors, magic items, and gear from the Pathfinder RPG hardcover line and select other Pathfinder sources, as well as hundreds of never-before-seen items.
  • Tons of special materials and magical abilities to help you create exactly the magic item you’ve been looking for.
  • A wealth of specific magic items, organized by type to ensure your character is always wearing as much magic as possible.
  • New alchemical weapons, tools, and poisons.
  • Kits to help your character get the most out of his/her skills or profession, plus new mounts, animal companions, and retainers.
  • Descriptions of every item, plus hundreds of full-color illustrations to aid in window-shopping.

Starfinder RPG: Alien Archive

Battle or befriend more than 80 bizarre life forms in this 160-page hardcover creature collection! Every new world and space station comes with its own dangers, from strange new cultures to robotic killing machines to alien predators ready to devour unwary spacefarers. Inside this book, you’ll find rules and ecologies for creatures from across the known worlds, plus alien equipment and more.

Starfinder RPG: Pawns: Base Assortment

This set includes 17 plastic bases—10 Medium bases, 5 Large bases, and 2 Huge bases—all perfectly sized for battles on Starfinder Flip-Mats or other gridded game mats.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Coven

Whether you’ve tapped into the magic of the wilds or you’re a changeling who’s inherited the blood of hags, now’s your chance to indulge in some of the Pathfinder world’s most enigmatic mystical secrets. New curses, hexes, and patrons further explore the witching world, while hosts of new archetypes, spells, magic items, rituals, and stranger practices unleash a cauldron of supernatural potential.


Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (will be available to purchase on Friday at Midnight) 

This fast, tactically-exciting 2-player combat game is a great introduction to the worlds of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. These miniatures are push fit, so they are easy to assemble and don’t require any glue, but it never hurts to use any. Shadespire is based around building the best deck of power and objective cards, so out-thinking and out-fighting your opponent is the best way to win. This box contains: 8 push-fit miniatures, 32-page rulebook, quick-start sheet, 2 double-sided game boards, as well as cards, tokens, and dice required to play the game.

This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/9-10/15

This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/9-10/15

Check out this week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Codenames: Disney Family

The Disney Family Edition of Codenames combines the hit social word game with some of Disney’s most beloved properties from the past 90 years. Two Cluemasters give one-word clues to help their teammates identify the Disney characters, locations, and items from a 25 card game grid. The cards include both pictures and words!


  • 200 Code Name Cards
  • 40 Key Cards
  • 20 Easy Key Cards
  • Team Cards: 8 Blue Team Cards, 8 Red Team Cards, 7 Neutral Cards, 2 Purple Team Cards

Roleplaying Games

D&D 5th: Adventure Grid

This sturdy double-sided, grid playing surface is great for when your Dungeons & Dragons campaign gets tactical. One side features a stone floor good for dungeon and city encounters while the other features terrain useable for a wide range of rural and wilderness encounters!

Pathfinder Deep Cut Minis

These come with highly-detailed figures, pre-primed and includes deep cuts for easier painting.

  • Gnolls
  • Merchants
  • Half-Orc Male Barbarian

D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures Minis:

These come with highly-detailed figures, pre-primed and includes deep cuts for easier painting.

  • Wraith and Specter
  • Elf Female Wizard
  • Human Male Paladin
  • Dwarf Female Paladin
  • Human Male Druid

Wizkids Minis:

These come with highly-detailed scenery, pre-primed and includes deep cuts for easier painting.

  • Pillars
  • Treasure Pile



Marvel HeroClix: Thor – Ragnarok Movie Gravity Feed

Countdown to the release of the Thor: Ragnarok movie with this 24-count Gravity Feed featuring 12 unique figures from Marvel HeroClix: Thor: Ragnarok!

Star Wars

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire Campaign Expansion

Only the bravest rebels dare to operate here, but when it becomes vital to locate an ancient artifact before the Emperor can claim it as his own, you’ll set forth on a new, highly replayable campaign of sixteen missions that explore every level of the world of Coruscant, from its glistening halls of power to its grimy underworld alleys.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Maul Villain Pack

You can bring one of the galaxy’s deadliest Force users to your games of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, either as a powerful piece in the Imperial players greater campaign designs or as an independent member of the Mercenary faction.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack

Throw Force lightning, tempt others down the road to ruin, and spur others toward spontaneous violence with the Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack for Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Ahsoka Tano Ally Pack

The legendary Ahsoka Tano lends her Force talents and rebellious spirit to your cause with the Ahsoka Tano Ally Pack for Star Wars: Imperial Assault! With her twin lightsabers, Ahsoka may offer you just the edge you need to survive your adventures in Coruscant.

Warhammer 40K (NOTE: All of the items under this are available for purchase at Midnight on Friday)

Death Guard Plague Marines

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble a 7-man squad of Plague Marines. Each has cracked, rotting armor revealing grasping tentacles, severed heads displayed proudly on belts, backpacks sloshing with unnatural diseases and pipework leading from rebreathers to Nurgle knows what foul concoctions.

Death Guard Plague Marine Icon Bearer

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Plague Marine Icon Bearer. He is armed with a boltgun, and carries a plague knife strapped to his backpack, he also is dragging an Icon of Despair into the fray, one shaped to resemble the symbol of Nurgle (parts of this symbol being delightfully picked out with a skull and a helmet.).

Death Guard Plague Marine Champion

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Plague Marine Champion, who can be added to a unit of Plague Marines. Clad in bulging, rusted power armor, he comes with a choice of two variant heads – one helmeted, and one bare (with an unsettlingly large horn growing out of his face…).

Death Guard Biologus Putrifier

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Biologus Putrifier. He’s clad in the usual corrupted, rusting armor of the Death Guard, with plenty of the Nurgle symbolism and sinister emerging tentacles you’d expect – but the standout feature is the enormous rack of blight grenades that hangs from his back, covered in a dozen or more plague-filled explosive containers ripe for the picking!

This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/2-10/8

This Week’s New Arrivals: 10/2-10/8

Check out this week’s new releases at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game Core Set

Welcome to the realm of Rokugan: a land of samurai and mystics, mad dragons, and divine beings! Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is a Living Card Game set in the original setting for the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game. To play a Living Card Game, players create individual decks of cards from a base game with a fixed set of cards; they can then add supplemental card packs to this game world, with each pack also having a fixed set of cards, in order to vary their game experience. When you do choose to initiate a conflict, you face an array of strategic options and choices. You must choose which characters will participate in the conflict, while carefully ensuring you have enough characters left to defend against your opponent because undefended provinces are easily broken and you’ll lose honor for failing to defend your lands. Finally, you must determine the type and ring used for the conflict. Every conflict must be either military or political, which corresponds to the military and political skills of your characters—only the skill that matches your chosen conflict type is used for this conflict. Along with the type of conflict, you’ll select one of the five rings: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or Void. As new conflicts erupt across Rokugan, you’ll need to decide which clan has won your loyalty for either the Crab clan, Crane clan, Dragon clan, Lion clan, Phoenix clan, Scorpion clan or Unicorn Clan.

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Deck Building Game

Challenge yourself to grow up and prepare for your finest hour. Players assume the roles of their favorite characters in the Scott Pilgrim universe, each of whom comes with a unique starting deck. Double-sided cards let you decide whether to solve your problems with hard work and empathy, or whether to embrace the unpredictable world of video game violence!

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

Based on the award-winning Betrayal at House on the Hill board game, in Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate you’ll return to Baldur’s Gate again. Thanks to the fifty included scenarios, you’ll discover it’s never the same game twice! (This item will be available Friday at open)


  • Rulebook
  • 2 haunt books (Traitor’s Tome and Secrets of Survival)
  • 42 tiles
  • Elfsong Tavern start tile
  • Catacomb Landing start tile
  • 6 prepainted plastic adventurer figures
  • 30 plastic clips
  • 8 dice
  • Turn/Damage track
  • 86 cards (45 events, 22 items, 13 omens, 6 player aid)
  • 215 tokens (62 monster tokens, 54 adventurer power, event, haunt, item, obstacle tokens, 36 adventurer tokens, 18 NPC tokens, 18 quest tokens, 14 item and item pile tokens, 13 monster tokens)


Everything below this line will be available on Friday at Midnight.

Codex: Astra Militarum

Within this 144-page hardback contains a wealth of background and rules for Astra Militarum – the definitive book for collectors.

Datacards: Astra Militarum

This set of 89 cards – each featuring artwork on the reverse – is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any Astra Militarum gamer. This pack includes:

  • 7 psychic power cards – 6 from the Psykana psychic discipline, along with Smite;
  • 25 Astra Militarum Stratagems available to any Battle-forged Astra Militarum
  • 18 Order cards;
  • 36 Tactical Objectives, including the 6 Astra Militarum-specific Objectives from Codex: Astra Militarum.

Nauseous Rotbone, the Plague Surgeon

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble Nauseous Rotbone, a Death Guard Plague Surgeon. He carries a bolt pistol and balesword, but where the real fun lies is in the various corrupted medical instruments he carries – Narthecium-like instruments containing horrific plagues are all over his armor, with an ancient, rusted reductor perfect for stealing gene-seeds on his right arm

Scribbus Wretch, the Tallyman

This kit contains the parts necessary to assemble Scribbus Wretch, a Death Guard Tallyman. He is a particularly unpleasant model, even for Death Guard, with a morbid focus on gleefully counting and cataloguing misfortune – he carries a massive ream of paper on a clipboard in the crook of his left arm, with a bone stylus in his right adding to his tallies. A strange apparatus hangs from his back, ending in a tentacle that grasps an abacus – its beads, upon closer inspection, reveal themselves as skulls.

Foetid Bloat-Drone

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Foetid Bloat-drone. A huge, intimidating amalgamation of machine and rotting meat, the front of the model is dominated by a carapace which can be assembled as 1 of 3 options – one featuring a Nurgle symbol picked out in skulls, one featuring the symbol carved into the carapace, and one featuring a hideous toothed maw covered in pustules, tentacles and hoses dangling from within.

Plagueburst Crawler

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Plagueburst Crawler. An extremely front-heavy tracked dozer brimming with horrible weaponry, it is covered in thick armor pitted and rusting with corrosion and decay. A standout feature is the huge, spiked dozer blade, with a symbol of Nurgle proudly displayed, picked out in skulls.