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Weekly Update: New Arrivals: 5/15– 5/21

Weekly Update: New Arrivals: 5/15– 5/21

Check out last week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Cursed Court

In Cursed Court, you must consider a network of shared, hidden, and public information, then wager your limited influence in each season. As the machinations of the nine key nobles are progressively revealed, your fortunes rise and fall.


To play MemoArrr!, 2 to 4 players need the power of recollection and the luck of Pirates. Only then can they make their escape from the island of Captain Goldfish, their pockets lined with rubies, before the lava swallows them up!

Magic: the Gathering


Card Game Accessories

Dragonshield ART: Nidhogg and Vater

Dragon Shield Art Sleeves are made using a never-before-seen technique: They are actually printed directly onto a Dragon Shield sleeve like an Ultra-pro sleeve but, there’s no peel nor splitting! [Please note, these are classic finish, not matte.]

Role-Playing Games

Into the Borderlands

A single fortified Keep is the only bastion of Good desperately striving to maintain the forces of Chaos at bay. (Note: This item is in extremely limited quantity so pick up your copy soon)

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

Discover the truth about the great conflicts of the D&D multiverse! This tome is built on the writings of the renowned wizard from the world of Greyhawk, gathered over a lifetime of research and scholarship.


Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity comes to the tabletop in a whole new way. For the first time ever, Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity will contain 4 standard size figures and a 2×2 Clix Base figure in EVERY booster!

Weekly Update: New Arrivals: 5/8– 5/14

Check out last week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Magic Maze

After being stripped of all their possessions, a mage, a warrior, an elf, and a dwarf are forced to rob the local Magic Maze shopping mall for all the equipment necessary for their next adventure.

Arkham Horror: The Forgotten Age

The Forgotten Age is the third deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Here, your team of investigators embarks on a scientific expedition to the rainforests of Southern Mexico in two new scenarios!


Star Wars Legion Snowtroopers

This box contains seven unpainted Snowtrooper miniatures, inviting you to field these troopers as a single unit and combat the Rebellion in even the most hostile and adverse environments.

Codex: Deathwatch

This 104-hardcover contains the background, history, and origins of the Deathwatch Space Marines. This also has all the rules and points values for all models, weapons, and wargear.

Datacards: Deathwatch

This set of 74 cards – each featuring artwork on the reverse – is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any Deathwatch gamer. Included:

  • 28 Stratagems
  • 7 Psychic Powers
  • 36 Tactical Objectives
Weekly Update: New Arrivals: 5/1– 5/7

Weekly Update: New Arrivals: 5/1– 5/7

Check out last week’s new arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games


Santorini is a re-imagining of the purely abstract 2004 edition. Since its original inception over 30 years ago, Santorini has been continually developed, enhanced and refined by designer Gordon Hamilton.

Android: Netrunner Whispers in Nalubaale

Whispers in Nalubaale introduces three copies of twenty new cards for every faction, including a new Anarch identity that gives the runner new ways to spend their virus counters and a risky new tool for Jinteki!

Roleplaying Games

Dungeon World

Dungeon World’s rules are easy to learn and always drive the action forward in unexpected ways. A missed roll is never a dead end-failure introduces new complexities and complications. Life as an adventurer is hard but it’s never boring!

Friendly Local Game Store

Friendly Local Game Store is a book by Quest for Fun blogger Gary Ray about how to build the hobby game store your community deserves.

Miniatures/Wargaming Games

Van Saar Gang

Assemble a Van Saar gang to use in games of Necromunda: Underhive with this set of 10 plastic miniatures. Included: – 2 each of 5 body designs – 20 heads – 10 pairs of shoulder pads; – A selection of grenades, pouches and equipment.

Van Saar Gang Cards

Expand your games of Necromunda: Underhive with this set of 26 extra cards. Included:

  • 12 Van Saar Tactics cards
  • 8 Gang Tactics cards
  • 6 blank Fighter cards – these have been stamped with the House Van Saar crest.

Blood Bowl: The Doom Lords

This kit contains the components to assemble The Doom Lords, a Chaos Chosen Blood Bowl team. The team consists of 4 Chaos Blockers and 8 Beastmen – each Beastman’s head is interchangeable!