Board Games

Munchkin: Spell Skool $19.95

by Steve Jackson Games

It’s the first day at Spell Skool and the munchkins have signed up for class! This game for 3 or 4 eager students is playable on its own and is compatible with the rest of the Munchkin line. You’ll want to shelve this one face out; Katie Cook’s fantastic art almost sells the game by itself! Students can join fun clubs like the Chess Club or the Forbidden Magic Club and fight enemies such as the Ash Kicker and Moldy Mort on their way to graduation at Level 10.

Munchkin 9: Jurassic Snark $19.95

by Steve Jackson Games

Coming in October 2018, this new expansion for Munchkin takes all the roleplaying and backstabby action you know and love to the Jurassic Era!

Munchkin: Starfinder $24.95

by Steve Jackson Games

The roleplaying, backstabbing, and monster-killing action of Munchkin meets the lasers, sleek starships, and hostile alien planets of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! This comes with an expansion called Munchkin: Starfinder 2: Far Out! ($11.95) and a $100 bundle called Munchkin: Starfinder: I Want it All! that contains:

  • Munchkin Starfinder
  • Munchkin Starfinder 2 – Far Out
  • Munchkin Starfinder Space Goblins, exclusive to this box!
  • Munchkin Starfinder Hero Pack
  • Munchkin Starfinder The Swarm
  • Munchkin Starfinder Credsticks
  • Munchkin Starfinder Drift Dice
  • Munchkin Starfinder Kill-O-Meter
  • Munchkin Starfinder Star Field
  • Munchkin Starfinder Blank Card Pack\
  • Munchkin Starfinder Poster
  • Two extra Munchkin Starfinder cards
  • Two new Munchkin Starfinder bookmarks, each with a game rule!
  • “I Got It All!” certificate
  • And this box, which has a Munchkin Starfinder rule of its own!!

Betrayal at House on the Hill:Upgrade Kit ($14.99)

by Wizkids

A Double sided character cards and dice to upgrade your copy of Betrayal!

A Game of Thrones: 2nd Edition: Streets of King’s Landing ($14.95)
by Fantasy Flight Games
The third Chapter Pack in the Dance of Shadowscycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, now available for pre-order!
Heroes of Terrinoth
by Fantasy Flight Games
In this cooperative card game of questing and adventure for one to four players, you will combine your strength with that of Terrinoth’s greatest heroes and venture into treacherous dungeons to confront deadly foes, battle dangerous monsters, and discover untold riches. The risk may be great, but the rewards are even greater!

Magic the Gathering

by Wizards of the Coast

Guilds of Ravinca 

On Ravnica, whoever you are—soldier or scientist, merchant or spy—your guild is the core of your identity. It provides structure and greater purpose. Now, the time has come to defend it. Boros, Dimir, Selesnya, Gruul, Golgari, are the guilds of this set. The products that will be coming with this set is:
  • Booster Packs/Boxes ($4/$110)
  • Bundles ($40)
  • Guild Kits ($20)

Each Guild Kit features a 60-card preconstructed theme deck flavored after one of the featured guilds, combining cards from every Ravnica set released so far. The reprints won’t be Standard legal. The Kits are packaged with appropriate pins, stickers, and spindown life counters.

Role-playing Games

Dungeons and Dragons: Art and Arcana – Special Edition ($125)

by Michael WitwerKyle NewmanJon Petersom and SAM Witwer

A deluxe slipcase edition of the illustrated guide to the history and evolution of Dungeons & Dragons, with one-of-a-kind art from Hydro74, one of the most acclaimed contemporary D&D artists; frameable, high-quality reproductions of truly unique native art; and a facsimile reproduction of Gary Gygax’s never-before-seen, historic first draft of the Tomb of Horrors adventure–a rarity many thought was lost to the ages. This is the most comprehensive collection of D&D imagery ever assembled, making it the ultimate collectible for the game’s millions of fans around the world.

Through the Breach RPG: Penny Dreadful – Northern Sedition ($18)

by WYRD Games

Adventure for Through the Breach, the Malifaux RPG

Through the Breach RPG: Above the Law ($40)

by WYRD Games

Sourcebook for Through the Breach, the Malifaux RPG

Numenera: Player’s Guide ($19.99)

Basic Rules for playing Numenera, an overview of the Ninth World setting, and a guide to making characters, with many options.

Invisible Sun Book M ($49)

For Invisible Sun RPG: Whatever the source of its name, the coveted Book M is whispered to contain unknown spells, incantations, rituals, charms, hexes, and more. Plus potions, amulets, bezoars, spiritstones, and madstones, as well as other physical ephemera. Within its pages a vislae might even discover previously unknown artifacts to aid in the pursuit of the secrets of reality.

Miniatures/War Gaming

Star Wars: Legion

1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team Unit Expansion ($19.95)

E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion ($19.95)

Star Wars: Legion – Premium Trooper Bases ($14.95)

Star Wars: Legion – Premium Large Bases ($19.95)

Star Wars X-Wing

X-Wing 2nd Edition: Lando’s Millennium Falcon

Before infamous smuggler and Rebel hero Han Solo took possession of the ship, it belonged to the smooth-talking gambler Lando Calrissian. You can explore the backstory of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy with the Lando’s Millenium Falcon Expansion Pack for X-Wing Second Edition! This expansion includes eight new Scum pilots and fourteen upgrades featuring classic characters like Chewbacca alongside characters introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story like Qi’ra, giving you plenty of options for putting a new spin on this classic ship.