Check out these recent arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

Century: Spice Road

Century Spice Road is the first title in the Century series of games. Wrap your mind around simple and pure game mechanics combined with a touch of deck-building system that lead to endless strategies and decisions.

Century: Golem

In Century Golem Edition, players serve as traders attempting to collect crystals to create the most ornate and powerful of golems in all of Caravania.

Legend of the Five Rings: The Ebb and Flow

Flow like water with three copies of twenty new cards for Legend of the Five Rings. New Shugenja and spells enhance the power of the Water element.

Arkham Horror LCG: The Boundary Beyond

The fabric of time unravels in Mexico City in The Boundary Beyond, the second Mythos Pack in “The Forgotten Age Cycle” for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!


The Red Queen looms large over Wonderland, with many monsters and other frightful things at her command. Alice and her friends must do their best to ward off the Red Queen’s influence and restore peace.

Heaven and Ale

You have been assigned to lead the ancient monastery and its brewery. Now it’s your time to brew the best beer under God’s blue sky! The fine art of brewing beer demands your best timing.


The king of Portugal, awestruck by the interior beauty of the Alhambra, has ordered that his own palace in Portugal be decorated with similar wall tiles. As A tile laying artist, Azul invites you to embellish the walls of the royal palace of Evora.

Monster Match

Monster Match is the screaming-fast game of catching cute, donut eating, monsters. Players roll the special “Monster Dice” and then race to find a monster that matches the dice rolled.

Deadpool vs the World

Deadpool makes his mark on adult gaming in Deadpool vs the World, a hilarious party game for mature audiences. Players face off with their friends by filling in the blanks on Caption cards to provide the most outrageous explanations.

Exploding Kittens Party Pack

This party pack comes with all new cards backs with white border to prevent chipping, a new mechanism for balancing the game to the number of players in your party, and the box plays party music when opened!

Card Acessories

Ultimate Guard Accessories

We have added a new selection of items from Ultimate Guard to our stock of Magic Accessories, with more coming soon! In store, we have:

  • Xenoskin and Boulder 100+ deck boxes
  • Arkhive 400+ deck box
  • MatPod Playmat Tubes

Dragon Shield Art Sleeves

Dragon Shield has dropped 3 new art sleeves for the print run of non-matte sleeves. Jupiter Games now has:

  • Qoll
  • Carnax
  • Mear

Dragon Shield Matte Gold and Silver

Along with the Dragon Shield Art Sleeves, Dragon Shield has printed two new colors to its Matte collection: Matte Gold and Matte Silver.


HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series Booster

In addition to the heroes & villains of Gotham, fans will be delighted to learn that there are characters from Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, & the Super-Friends in this Batman booster for Heroclix!

Getting Started with Age of Sigmar

This 104-page magazine is the perfect introduction to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The magazine also comes with a a free push-fit plastic Stormcast Eternals Knight-Incantor miniature!

Age of Sigmar Paint Sets for Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunts

These paint sets include sculpted bases, 6 paint pots, a brush and a painting guide along with 3 to 4 models for Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunts respectively.


Age of Sigmar: Storm Strike

This starter set contains 15 push-fit miniatures split across the factions of the heroic Stormcast Eternals and ghastly, undead Nighthaunt along with detailed guides on assembling, painting and playing with them.