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Board Games

Arkham Horror LCG: Heart of the Elders

This Mythos Pack features an immersive two-part scenario that takes you on an adventure both above and below the Earth following the events of The Boundary Beyond!

Braintopia Kids

Braintopia Kids is a follow-up to the fast-paced brain bender that tests your mental focus, flexibility, and speed but geared toward younger players. Also new this week: Braintopia Beyond, with 8 all-new challenges.


Thornwatch is a graphic novel adventure game for 2-5 players and a Judge. Players are manifestations of the Thornwatch: scarred veterans of the Eyrewood who now live as spirits summoned by the ancient ritual of tying a knot of thorns around a birch tree.

Thornwatch: The Dark of the Wood

Thornwatch: The Dark of the Wood includes two hundred new cards and nine storyboards for play with the Thornwatch base game. This includes five new hero decks, five hero trackers, and one new Judge tracker.

Roleplaying Games

Age of Rebellion: Cyphers and Masks

Cyphers and Masks is a sourcebook for the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game that greatly expands the options and opportunities for the Spy career all in its 96 full-color pages.

Goblin Quest

Goblin Quest is a roleplaying game about slapstick violence, fatal ineptitude, and the greatest adventure of your life. Play five goblins each (in sequence, not parallel) and watch them meet hilarious ends while failing to achieve the most basic tasks.

Twilight Tales

Twilight Tales is a supplement for Golden Sky Stories. It introduces the Mononoke, creatures of mystery who also live in the town. It has 5 character types (Michinoku, oni, kappa, ghosts, and visitors), each of which can represent a variety of creatures.


Written by feminists from 11 different countries, #Feminism offers bite-sized takes on contemporary feminist issues. Each of the 34 nano-games in this collection requires between three and five participants, simple props, and up to an hour of play time.


Necromunda: House Cawdor Gang

A set of 10 Cawdor gangers for Necromunda: Underhive with rules that can be found in Gang War 4 book.