This weekend you can preorder the latest Blood Bowl team: Nurgle’s Rotters, with Team Cards, a themed Dice Set, and a Nurgle-inspired Pitch. The Reaver Battle Titan for Adeptus Titanicus is up for preorder as well. Order yours before the end of day Sunday, 9/2 to save 10%.

Blood Bowl: Nurgle’s Rotters

A Nurgle Blood Bowl team which contains 4 Bloaters, 2 Pestigors and 6 Rotters, all rather rotten and ghastly. Also included inside are turn markers, balls, and double-sided score coins!

Blood Bowl: Nurgle Team Cards

A set of 43 reference cards for Nurgle coaches to use including blank cards for creating your own players! Also included are unique plays cards and star players cards.

Blood Bowl: Nurgle Dice

A set of 7 Blood Bowl dice to match your Nurgle Blood Bowl team.

Blood Bowl: Nurgle Pitch

A Nurgle-themed card pitch for playing games of Blood Bowl featuring the Garden of Nurgle, in 2 different states of rot! Rules are included inside – some for the plant life that can be a bit dangerous.

Blood Bowl: Spike! Journal: Issue 3

The third issue of the official Blood Bowl journal that will be focusing on Nurgle teams with rules and their star players.

Adeptus Titanicus: Reaver Battle Titan

A Reaver Titan for use in games of Adeptus Titanicus with weapon options including power fist, a laser blaster, and gatling blaster.