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Board Games

Century: Eastern Wonders

In this new expansion, you will find yourself traveling on the high seas in search of exotic wonders. As a merchant and privateer representing your nation, you seek to control this eastern region for glory and profit.

Before there were Stars

Before there were Stars is a storytelling game where each player tells the mythic creation story of ‘their people.’ Players craft tales about the creation of the world, the origins of civilization, the rise of their great hero, and an end of days.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy

In Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, players and the village itself have attributes that are retained between games, with ramifications of every decision rippling though future games. Make a bad decision early and it will haunt the village for years to come.

Sagrada 5-6 Player Expansion

This expansion will introduce Private Dice Pool boards for a quicker gameplay experience at higher player counts. There will also be new private and public objectives, tools, and window cards.

Epic Spell Wars IV:Panic Pleasure Palace (18+)

You checked your morals at the door and settled in for a night of debauchery, but your fellow Wizards’ lust has turned to bloodlust! Just be careful with all the Magically Transmitted Diseases (MTDs) going around.

Patchwork Express

Patchwork Express features the same basic gameplay as the original Patchwork, but with a smaller playing area and with larger and less complex pieces.

Princess Jing

This game of bluffing for two players or two groups of players has each player move their princess across the board, hiding her progression while placing allies and mirrors to uncover your opponent’s princess. The first princess to escape wins!

Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! Expansion

Your challenge? Thwart the efforts of Lord Eradikus! Reap the rewards of noble (and sometimes reluctant) heroism! Save the galaxy…and get rich in the process! (This expansion requires Clank! In! Space! to play.)

Roleplaying Games

Dungeon & Dragons: Waterdeep Dragon Heist

Famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm needs you to complete a simple quest. With that, a grand urban caper awaits you. Pit your skills against villains the likes of which you’ve never faced before, and let the dragon hunt begin!