Check out these recent arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board Games

Fantastic Beasts Perilous Pursuit

Players can take on the role of Newt, Tina, Jacob, and Queenie on an exciting adventure as they try to return all the beasts to Newt’s suitcase before they draw the attention on the non-magical community in New York City.

Super Kitty Bug Slap

Join your Kitty friends for some bug-slappin’ action in this speedy card game of quick thinking and fast paws! When the game ends, the coolest kitty with the most cards wins!

A Game of Thrones Catan 5-6 Player Expansion

Four new heroes rise to face the danger beyond the Wall, including the fearless spearwives who hail from beyond the Wall themselves in this new expansion. Note: this is not standalone, you need the base game.

Gaming Accessories

Die Hard Dice Mythica Dice Sets

The Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improved rolling, and kindness to tables and each face is hand painted with new shimmering Aquamarine color. Below is an example of the shape and style of this set.

Die Hard Folding Rectangle Tray – Heat Changing Leather

Not only are these trays heat sensitive on their leather side, but they also can be used on the leather side as well!

Ultra Pro Eclipse Deck Boxes

These deck boxes can hold up to 110 Standard sleeved gaming cards with its self-locking lid design with a thumb notch for easy access to cards. They come in all of the colors in the image below.

Roleplaying Games

DCC: Adv. The Corpse that Love Built

This level 2 adventure is a story of Gothic horror which pits the characters against monstrosities created by an ancient madman.

Star Wars X-Wing

X-Wing 2nd Edition Conversion Kits and Ships

With these Conversion Kits for the Resistance and the First Order, your First Edition versions of these ships can be added to your X-Wing Second Edition squadrons right away.

Along with the conversion kits, new ships have arrived for both the Resistance and for the First Order. The ships in this wave include:

-RZ-2 A-Wing

-T-70 X-Wing

-Mining Guild TIE Fighter

-TIE/fo Fighter

Miniatures Wargaming

Chapter Approved 2018 Edition

Whether you’re looking to build rich campaigns, seeing the latest balance updates, or just looking for something completely new, Chapter Approved 2018 is for you. Inside is also a Beta version of Codex: Sisters of Battle!

Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant

A Warhammer 40,000 campaign book. This campaign setting is upon the Imperial world of Vigilus; this describes the conflict, the forces that fought there, and rules for fighting your own campaigns.

Haarken Worldclaimer

This kit contains a brand-new Chaos Space Marines character armed with a Daemon-touched relic, the Helspear, and equipped with a jump pack.

Marneus Calgar, Ultramarines Chapter Master

This plastic kit contains Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, accompanied by two Victrix Honour Guard who are brand new to the Ultramarines.