Preorders are open for The Book of Peril together with new Badzones Environments, Events Cards, card Sleeves and Kal Jericho himself for Necromunda. The Greenfield Grasshuggers, the latest Blood Bowl team, accompanied by a themed Pitch and Dugouts, Dice Set, Team Card Pack, and Spike! Journal 5 are also up for preorder as well. Order by Sunday, 5/26 and save 10%!

Necromunda: The Book of Peril

This book introduces new rules to add more variety, scope and excitement to your battles in the underhive. This also includes new rules and scenarios for Badzone terrain, rules for Guild Alliances, Hired Guns and Wargear – including Kal Jericho and Scab.

Badzones Environments & Events Cards

A set of 26 cards for use in games set in the perilous Badzones of the underhive Including 6 Badzone Environment cards and 20 Badzone Events cards.

Necromunda: Kal Jericho & Scabs

This kit contains two single miniatures, Kal Jericho & Scabs. Kal is the most legendary of all the bounty hunters on Necromunda, and Scabs is his loyal companion. Both can be hired by any Necromunda gang to supplement their strength.

Necromunda: Card Sleeves

This pack of 50 sleeves is used to protect your Necromunda cards with, and each sleeve featuring the Necromunda eagle on the backside.

Greenfield Grasshuggers Blood Bowl Team

A brand-new plastic team, offering a variety of tactical challenges! Inside includes 2 Catchers, 2 Hefties, and 8 Hopefuls, 3 Halfling-themed Blood Bowl balls, 2 double-sided score coins, 2 turn markers and roster for the contents.

Spike! Journal: Issue 5

The essential purchase for Halfling coaches which includes rules for creating a Halfling team, tactics, inducements, Star Players, rules for running your own Stunty League (for Halflings, Goblins, and Ogres).

Blood Bowl: Halfling Dice Set

A set of themed dice to match the Greenfield Grasshuggers including 3 Blood Bowl Block dice, 2 6-sided dice, 1 8-sided die, and 1 16-sided die.

Blood Bowl: Halfling Team Cards

A deck of 44 cards to reference cards for Halfling teams including blank cards to create your own players as well as Star Players and special play cards to use in your games.

Blood Bowl: Halfling Pitch & Dugouts

This double-sided pitch and set of two dugouts are themed to match the new Halfling teams. Inside this kit includes rules specific to playing on Halfling pitches as well.