Check out these recent arrivals at Jupiter Games, including several new releases in roleplaying games and accessories, Board Games, and miniatures wargaming!

Board Games


The Key is missing, and it is up to the players to find it! One Key is a family game for all kind of players. It is a light game that proposes a cooperative experience based on ideas association and deduction.

Roleplaying Games

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2E by MODIPHIUS ENTERTAINMENT

In this roleplaying game, you’ll build your unique post-apocalyptic landscape, home to scattered families of survivors. Take control of a family, play the heroes that define them, and guide them through the sweep of history.

D&D 5th: Ghosts of Saltmarsh by WIZARDS OF THE COAST

This adventure book combines some of the most popular classic adventures from the 1st edition of Dungeons & Dragons including the classic “U” series, plus some of the best nautical adventures from the history of Dungeon Magazine.

Roleplaying Game Accessories

DC: Townspeople & Accessories by WIZKIDS

Bring your town encounters to life with people and items that every RPG storyteller needs! These fantastic miniatures include deep cuts for easier painting and are primed so they can be ready to paint out of the box.

Gaming Accessories

POP! Warhammer 40K Funko Figures by FUNKO

Bring home the mightiest defenders of humanity with these Space Marine Pop!