Check out these recent arrivals at Jupiter Games, including several new releases in Board Games, Magic: the Gathering, Gaming Accessories, and Miniatures Wargaming Accessories!

Board Games


In a high tower, an Alchemist prepares potions, using vials filled with otherworldly fluids. In a sacred grove, a Druid grinds herbs for a mystical ritual. In the catacombs, a Necromancer summons a bone dragon… Welcome to the world of Res Arcana!

In it, Life, Death, Elan, Calm, and Gold are the essences that fuel the art of magic. Choose your mage, gather essences, craft unique artifacts, and use them to summon dragons, conquer places of power, and achieve victory!

Each player is a mage, vying for power against their rivals. Each player has a personal deck of just 8 artifacts to work with. Can you use them efficiently to claim monuments and places of power before your rivals seize them?

Star Wars: Outer Rim by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES

Take on the role of an underworld denizen, setting out to make your mark on the galaxy. You’ll travel the Outer Rim in your personal ship, hire legendary Star Wars characters to join your crew, and try to become the most famous (or infamous) outlaw in the galaxy.

But it won’t be easy. The warring factions of the galaxy roam the Outer Rim, hunting down the scum that has proven to be a thorn in their side, and other scoundrels looking to make their mark may see you as the perfect target to bring down to bolster their own reputation.

Magic: the Gathering

Modern Horizons by WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Explore Magic’s rich history and a new world of untapped power with the first-ever set designed for Modern players. Modern Horizons unleashes 254 cards into the format, including full-art snow lands!

Gaming Accessories

Dragon Shield Matte: Night Blue by ARCANE TINMEN

Matte sleeves are an extremely popular line of textured Dragon Shield with superior handling. A perfect mix of durability and shuffle-ability. Our newest addition the matte sleeve family is Night Blue.

Miniatures Accessories

Citadel Contrast Paint Line by GAMES WORKSHOP

These 34 new pots will change the way that you paint your models! Contrast paints allow you to apply both a Base and a Shade with one coat which allows you to skip an extra step in the painting process!

Contrast Primer Spray Paints by GAMES WORKSHOP

Alongside the Contrast paint line comes will be two spray primers to accompany them. These are specially formulated to work with the contrast paints and are the recommended choice for getting the best results.