Preorders are now open for Necromunda: Dark Uprising, a glorious boxed set packed full of brand-new miniatures & scenery. Also up for preorder is Necromunda: The Book of Ruin, Zone Mortalis Floor Tiles, Scenic Bases, & Dice. Get your preorder in by Sunday, 11/10, and save 10%!

Necromunda: Dark Uprising

A brand-new, fantastic value, boxed set containing everything you need to play games of Necromunda. The contents of this box are:

  • 15 NEW Corpse Grinder Cults
  • NEW Palanite Subjugators
  • 5 Palanite Enforcers
  • 128-page softback rulebook, featuring full rules which incorporate all current errata and FAQs
  • A single double-sided playmat

This set is completely compatible with earlier Necromunda releases –use the rules found in Gangs of the Underhive to bring other gangs into the Dark Uprising setting

Necromunda: The Book of Ruin

This 128-page hardback has brand-new supplement introducing 3 new gangs, including the cults of Necromunda as well as 18 new scenarios and a new multiplayer games system.

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Floor Tile Set

A set of 4 plastic textured floor tiles that feature gridded deck plates and floor vents. These tiles are compatible with the contents of Necromunda: Dark Uprising.

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Scenic Bases

A set of 30 themed bases (10 x 25mm, 10 x 32mm and 10 x 40mm bases) for Necromunda: Dark Uprising. These are designed to fit in with the look and feel of the Zone Mortalis Floor Tiles.

Necromunda: Dice Set

A set of 8 themed Necromunda dice which are Flamed colored with black markings.

  • 3 Injury dice
  • 1 Scatter die
  • 1 Ammo die
  • 3 D6 with the Necromunda logo on the 6