Check out these recent arrivals at Jupiter Games, including several new releases in Board/Card Games, Storytelling/Novellas Roleplaying Games Accessories, Living Card Games, Magic: the Gathering (and its accessories), Star Wars: Legion, and Miniatures Wargaming!

Board/Card Games

Talisman 4th Edition by Pegasus Spiele
Travel the world as 1 of 14 characters from classic role-playing archetypes to find equipment, weapons, ancient relics, and companions that will help you on your quest to acquire the Crown of Command and rule Talisman.

Story Telling/Novellas

Magic: the Gathering: War of the Spark: Forsaken Novel by PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE
An official novel set in the world of Magic: the Gathering featuring iconic characters on an Avengers-style mission as Kaya is on a mission to track down and exact retribution on Liliana Vess.

Roleplaying Games

5E: OAR #3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks by GOODMAN GAMES
This tome is an homage to the original fantasy and science-fiction dungeon expedition that began decades ago with a fifth edition conversion. Bring back the old-school D&D vibe!

Living Card Games

Arkham Horror LCG: The Search for Kadath by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES
Journey across the dreamlands in The Search for Kadath, the first Mythos Pack in The Dream-Eaters cycle for the Arkham Horror Living Card Game!

Magic: The Gathering

Throne of Eldraine Gift Bundle by WIZARDS OF THE COAST
With special packaging, a Collector Booster, and a unique foil alternate art promo card, the Holiday Gift Bundle is the go-to choice for shoppers looking to purchase a gift for their favorite Magic fan.

Magic Game Night Kit 2019 by WIZARDS OF THE COAST
A portable, accessible, social Magic experience. Game Night perfect for multiplayer meetups, or any invested Magic fan who wants to share their hobby with their friends who are just learning.

Magic: The Gathering Accessories

Dragon Shield Art: Christmas by ARCANE TINMEN
Celebrate the final months of the year with these non-matte art sleeves from Dragon Shield, featuring “Christmas Dragon”! No creature should be alone during the holidays.

Star Wars Legion

Star Wars: Legion – Clone Captain Rex by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES
This kit contains everything you need to add this new commander to your Galactic Republic army, including assembly without his helmet or with a Phase I or Phase II helmet. 

Miniatures Wargaming

Marvel: Crisis Protocol by ASMODEE EDITIONS
Save the world or conquer it with Crisis Protocol, a tactical game set in the Marvel Universe! Currently available for Crisis Protocol is:

  • Core Set
  • Dice Pack
  • Measurement Tools
  • Hulk Pack
  • M.O.D.O.K. Pack