Check out these recent arrivals at Jupiter Games, including several new releases in Board/Card Games, Living Card Games, and Miniatures Wargaming!

Board Games

A game of Euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives. Players will take on the role of an adventurer with their own special set of skills and reasons for traveling to this dark corner of the world.

Living Card Games

Legend of the Five Rings LCG: Seekers of Wisdom by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES
Walk a new path with this new Dragon Clan Pack! Seekers of Wisdom contains 78 cards, designed to increase the options of the Dragon Clan and counter their powerful strategies.

Miniatures Wargaming

Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal by GAMES WORKSHOP
The third book in the Psychic Awakening series includes new rules and background for Tyranid Hive Fleets & Blood Angels Space Marines while also supplying revised datasheets for key Blood Angels characters.

Warhammer 40K: Chapter Approved 2019 by GAMES WORKSHOP
This version of Chapter Approved comes with updated points, new rules, and new missions for the year of 2019 along with specific expansion centered around tanks and vehicular combat.

Kill Team Annual 2019 by GAMES WORKSHOP
This book compiles together previous White Dwarfs throughout the year along with brand-new material for Kill Team. Kill Team Annual 2019 also comes with datasheets for Kroot Mercenaries, Daemons, and Adepta Sororitas.

Blood Angels, Crimson Spear Strike Force by GAMES WORKSHOP
A 23 figure multi-part Blood Angels themed box set containing:

  • 1 Chaplain with Jump Pack
  • 1 Captain in Terminator Armor
  • 10 Space Marine Primaris Intercessors
  • 5 Death Company Marines
  • 5 Sanguinary Guard
  • 1 Baal Predator
  • 2 Blood Angels Primaris Upgrade Frames

Space Wolves, Talons of Morkai by GAMES WORKSHOP
17 figure multi-part Space Wolves themed box set containing:

  • 1 Iron Priest
  • 10 Space Marine Primaris Intercessors
  • 5 Wulfen
  • 1 Stormwolf
  • 2 Space Wolf Primaris Upgrade Frames

Chaos Space Marines, Vengeance Warband by GAMES WORKSHOP
22 figure multi-part Chaos Space Marines themed box set containing:

  • 1 Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor
  • 10 Chaos Space Marines
  • 5 Chaos Terminators
  • 5 Havocs
  • 1 Chaos Rhino

T’au Empire, Starclaimer Hunter Cadre by GAMES WORKSHOP
28 figure multi-part T’au themed box set containing:

  • 1 Tau Commander
  • 1 Devilfish
  • 3 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits
  • 10 T’au Fire Warriors
  • 3 XV25 Stealth Battlesuits
  • 1 DS8 tactical support turret
  • 9 Drones