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Weekly Update: New Arrivals: 4/9–4/15

Weekly Update: New Arrivals: 4/9–4/15

Check out these recent arrivals at Jupiter Games!

Board/Card Games

One Night Ultimate Super Villains

This standalone game is perfect for the whole family to enjoy while you to capture the baddies to save the world! Take on the roles of the heroes or villains, each with amazing superpowers that help further their cause.


A highly interactive game for 1-4 players where players control clouds, vote on the weather, and rain on the fields to make their water grow the most plants! While the game is gentle in theme, the interaction is intense, fast and fun!

Omen: A Reign of War

In this two-player game, you will take on the role of one of these two brothers who are sons of Zeus with access to a powerful array of units including soldiers, beasts, and oracles; each unit will have various uses.

Tiny Epic Zombies

An outbreak has occurred at the Echo Ridge Mall – Utilizing one of the five different play modes, pick one of your many paths to victory. Also, this edition introduces ITEMeeple vehicles and a new armory of weapons.

Catch Me

The Player who is the cat rolls a die which tells which of the colored mice they must try to catch while the others are holding the tails of each of the mice. Only the player holding the tail of the matching mouse may pull their mouse to safety.

D&D: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Board Game

This Waterdeep themed board game features multiple scenarios, challenging quests and gameplay designed for a single player or a cooperative group of 2-5 players. This can also be combined with the other D&D Adventures!

Roleplaying Games

D&D 5th: Stranger Things Starter Set

This set contains everything players need to embark on a Stranger Things adventure including the essential rules of the roleplaying game along with character sheets and a Demogorgon figure to paint!

Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition

In this series, you take on the role of an ordinary person who has seen the extraordinary. Lured or abducted by the alien Gentry, you have passed the gates and Hedges between our world and the vast fantastic Gentry.

Dream Askew / Dream Apart

Both games are played in much the same way: by creating characters and roleplaying as them in an impromptu story. One of the games plays out after the collapse of civilization while the other is in 19th century Eastern Europe.

D&D: Dungeons and Doggies

This set features not only the miniatures preassembled ready to paint & play but this set also comes with fifth edition rules. This allows the use of your Animal Adventure miniatures and playing as dogs in ANY campaign setting!

Living Card Game

Legend of the Five Rings: Warriors of the Wind Pack

This pack contains 78 new cards (three copies of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards), many of which provide new tools to the Unicorn Clan!

Magic: the Gatherering

Magic Challenger Decks 2019 Edition

Each of these four boxes comes with a complete 60-card main deck and a 15-card sideboard. These are intended, but not limited to, be playable and competitive at any Standard format tournament.


Pokemon: Sun & Moon: Team Up

This team-themed expansion offers many amazing battle teams including Pikachu & Zekrom-GX, plus Lycanroc-GX, Hoopa-GX, Cobalion-GX, and more! When the teams put their moves into motion, it’s a total free-for-all.

Detective Pikachu: Case File

The game is most definitely afoot—because there’s a fantastic Pokémon detective in town! Celebrate the Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie with a promo card and coin featuring Detective Pikachu along with other Pokemon TCG packs.


DC Rebirth Boosters

This exciting interpretation of the DC Universe includes new iterations of the usual suspects from the Justice League, JSA, and Teen Titans as well as never-before-clixed characters such as Power Girl, Bumblebee, or Cyclone.

Miniatures Wargaming

Vex Machinator, Lord Discordant

This single miniature builds into one Lord Discordant mounted on a Helstalker daemon engine or can alternatively become Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant!

Restock Alert

No Thank You, Evil!

Make-believe, adventure, and storytelling for the whole family! Explore the world and use your character’s unique skills, companions, and equipment to overcome obstacles as you solve mysteries, confront bad guys, and finish your adventure!

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/13-4/14

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/13-4/14

Preorders are open for the Dark Apostle, Master of Executions and a Chaos Lord for Chaos Space Marines. Also up for preorder are the Battletome, Warscroll Cards, dice, a set of Magmic Invocations, and the Magmic Battleforge for Fyreslayers. Order by Sunday, 4/14 and save 10%!

Chaos Space Marines Dark Apostle

This kit contains 1 Dark Apostle and 2 Dark Disciples than can use their prayers to help friendly models fight better.

Chaos Space Marines Master of Executions

This model who excels at being a character killer contains in his kit the choice of two separate heads, one being bare and one being hooded.

Chaos Space Marines Chaos Lord

A single posed, push-fit, Chaos Lord miniature who was previously only available in Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress .

Battletome: Fyreslayers

The essential book for the Fyreslayers with full background and rules which are fully updated following the launch of Soul Wars. Inside this battletome includes a warscroll for the Magmic Battleforge scenery piece.

Warscroll Cards: Fyreslayers

This handy pack of 19 reference cards, including 3 Magmic Invocations, the Magmic Battleforge scenery piece, and a set of special rules tokens makes it easy to find the rules you need during your games.

Fyreslayers Dice Set

A set of 20 Fyreslayers themed six-sided dice that features a magma effect on each die.

Fyreslayers Magmic Invocations

A set of three miniatures specifically designed for Fyreslayer armies. These are the equivalent of Endless Spells for Fyreslayers!

Fyreslayers Magmic Battleforge

A scenery piece for use in Fyreslayer armies that increases the chance of successfully casting magmic invocations.