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Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/13-4/14

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/13-4/14

Preorders are open for the Dark Apostle, Master of Executions and a Chaos Lord for Chaos Space Marines. Also up for preorder are the Battletome, Warscroll Cards, dice, a set of Magmic Invocations, and the Magmic Battleforge for Fyreslayers. Order by Sunday, 4/14 and save 10%!

Chaos Space Marines Dark Apostle

This kit contains 1 Dark Apostle and 2 Dark Disciples than can use their prayers to help friendly models fight better.

Chaos Space Marines Master of Executions

This model who excels at being a character killer contains in his kit the choice of two separate heads, one being bare and one being hooded.

Chaos Space Marines Chaos Lord

A single posed, push-fit, Chaos Lord miniature who was previously only available in Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress .

Battletome: Fyreslayers

The essential book for the Fyreslayers with full background and rules which are fully updated following the launch of Soul Wars. Inside this battletome includes a warscroll for the Magmic Battleforge scenery piece.

Warscroll Cards: Fyreslayers

This handy pack of 19 reference cards, including 3 Magmic Invocations, the Magmic Battleforge scenery piece, and a set of special rules tokens makes it easy to find the rules you need during your games.

Fyreslayers Dice Set

A set of 20 Fyreslayers themed six-sided dice that features a magma effect on each die.

Fyreslayers Magmic Invocations

A set of three miniatures specifically designed for Fyreslayer armies. These are the equivalent of Endless Spells for Fyreslayers!

Fyreslayers Magmic Battleforge

A scenery piece for use in Fyreslayer armies that increases the chance of successfully casting magmic invocations.

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/6-4/7

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/6-4/7

Preorders are open for the Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant for the Chaos Space Marines! Order by Sunday, 4/7 and save 10%!

Chaos Space Marines Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant

This single miniature builds into one Lord Discordant mounted on a Helstalker daemon engine or can alternatively become Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant! The Vex Machinator destroys enemy vehicles to feed off their energy and to heal Daemon Engines.

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/30-3/31

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/30-3/31

Preorders are open for two new plastic kits for the Chaos Space Marines: Terminators and Chaos Space Marines: Havocs!. Order by Sunday, 3/31 and save 10%!

Chaos Space Marines Terminator

This kit contains four Chaos Space Marine Terminators and one Terminator Champion with multiple head and weapon options.

Chaos Space Marines Havocs

This kit contains 4 Chaos Space Marine Havocs and an Aspiring Champion who are the long-range heavy weapons specialists of the Chaos Space Marines. Their weapons include 2 autocannons, 2 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons, 2 missile launchers, 1 reaper chain-cannon. The spare heavy weapons are compatible with your Chaos Space Marines squads.