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Miniatures Madness: Iutune [WH40k]

July 6 @ 11:30 am - 9:30 pm EDT


The Hadrian Belt burns, and on the desolate Moon of Iutune, the war continues to rage…

Deep within the confines of the crumbling hive cities, weakened armies battle for control of what few resources remain amongst the ruins.

Event Fee: $25.00
Event Date: Saturday, July 6th
Event Start Time: 11:30 AM

Event Special Rules:
This event will be using several unique rules, detailed below:

All participants will be required to bring a force of 4,000 Points to this event. This larger force does not need to be Battleforged.

For each act, a player must create a Battleforged army from their initial force of 4,000 points that matches the points requirement for the battle. The Battle-Brothers rule will apply.

If a character is killed in any scenario, then that Player must roll on the following chart during the Upkeep and List building Phase of the next act to see if the character survived the battle.

1.) Character Death – The Character has died and can not be taken in any further battles.
2.-3.) Wounded – The Character suffers 2 Mortal wounds at the beginning of the first battle round.
4.-5.) Delayed – The Character must arrive using the reserves rule.
6.) Complete Recovery – The Character is fine and may be used as usual.

If all of a player’s characters are killed after the first act, then they will have to upgrade a unit leader character into a generic, base equipment force commander for the following battles – see the event organizer for information on how to accomplish this.

🌟Iutune Act One: Death Amongst the Ruins
The Citizens of Iutune’s Hive Cities have been long lost at this stage of the war, but the armies of the enemy remain, searching for what little the Hives have left to offer.
Points: 1500
List Building and Upkeep Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Battle Time Length: 2 Hours
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Mission: Beachhead (2018 Chapter Approved)

🌟Iutune Act Two: Discovery
Something has been discovered in the depths of Iutune’s Hives, and now the armies scramble to control it and call out for aid.
Points: 1500
List Building and Upkeep Limit: 15 Minutes
Battle Time Length: 2 Hours
Deployment: Search and Destroy
Mission: Narrow the Search (2018 Chapter Approved)

🌟Iutune Act Three: Devastation
The end has come for Iutune. What was discovered within the depths of the Hive has proven to be more powerful than anyone could imagine, and now the Moon has begun to tear itself apart. What remains of the armies that battled for control in the depths of the Planets Hive cities now attempt to flee off-world, attacking anything that gets in their way.
Points: 3,000
List Building and Upkeep: 15 Minutes
Battle Time Length: 3 Hours
Deployment: Spearhead Assault
Mission: Scars of Battle (Chapter Approved 2018)

Event Prizing:
Due to the unique nature of this event, prizing will be dispensed differently than a standard tournament. The three prizes that will be distributed are listed below; winning players may only be awarded a single prize.

Prizing will be determined by anonymous voting by the event participants.

Best Painted Army
Most Thematic Army
Best General0,0


July 6
11:30 am - 9:30 pm
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