Modern Horizons Prerelease  Weekend Booster Drafts

Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend Booster Drafts

Magic: the Gathering Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend Drafts

$30 Entry w/ foil promos & Modern Horizons Booster Pack Prizes

Jupiter Games will be running a series of four Booster Draft format events for the special “Prerelease” of Modern Horizons.

– Saturday, June 8th, starting at 12 PM
– Saturday, June 8th, starting at 3 PM
– Sunday, June 9th, starting at 12 PM
– Sunday, June 9th, starting at 3 PM

In these Booster Draft events, players will draft from three booster packs (per player) of Modern Horizons, build a 40+ card deck using the cards they drafted, and then play four Swiss rounds.

Two booster packs per player will go into the prize pool, and pack prizes will be awarded based on record.

*Please register at least 15 minutes before the start time of this event*

More about Modern Horizons:
Releasing June 14, Modern Horizons contains 249 new-to-Modern cards (254 total), with a mix of reprints not yet legal in Modern, and new cards that celebrate both Modern and Magic’s rich history.

Powerful new options mixed with flavorful updates for favorite characters means Modern Horizons is going to be a wild ride. The set is full of cards that build up favorite Modern strategies, create new ones, and bring plenty of flavor to matches where Modern cards are legal.

Modern Horizons will not be a Standard-legal set.

Modern Horizons booster boxes will contain 36 booster packs.

Modern Horizons preorders will be available for pickup during Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend on June 8th & 9th. Any remaining early-sale boxes will be available for purchase at that time.

Modern Horizons will have an exclusive Buy-a-Box promo not available in booster packs. Buy-a-Box Promos will be distributed one per box.

Booster boxes and Buy-a-Box promos available while supplies last. PREORDER NOW to reserve yours!