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Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/13-4/14

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/13-4/14

Preorders are open for the Dark Apostle, Master of Executions and a Chaos Lord for Chaos Space Marines. Also up for preorder are the Battletome, Warscroll Cards, dice, a set of Magmic Invocations, and the Magmic Battleforge for Fyreslayers. Order by Sunday, 4/14 and save 10%!

Chaos Space Marines Dark Apostle

This kit contains 1 Dark Apostle and 2 Dark Disciples than can use their prayers to help friendly models fight better.

Chaos Space Marines Master of Executions

This model who excels at being a character killer contains in his kit the choice of two separate heads, one being bare and one being hooded.

Chaos Space Marines Chaos Lord

A single posed, push-fit, Chaos Lord miniature who was previously only available in Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress .

Battletome: Fyreslayers

The essential book for the Fyreslayers with full background and rules which are fully updated following the launch of Soul Wars. Inside this battletome includes a warscroll for the Magmic Battleforge scenery piece.

Warscroll Cards: Fyreslayers

This handy pack of 19 reference cards, including 3 Magmic Invocations, the Magmic Battleforge scenery piece, and a set of special rules tokens makes it easy to find the rules you need during your games.

Fyreslayers Dice Set

A set of 20 Fyreslayers themed six-sided dice that features a magma effect on each die.

Fyreslayers Magmic Invocations

A set of three miniatures specifically designed for Fyreslayer armies. These are the equivalent of Endless Spells for Fyreslayers!

Fyreslayers Magmic Battleforge

A scenery piece for use in Fyreslayer armies that increases the chance of successfully casting magmic invocations.

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/6-4/7

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 4/6-4/7

Preorders are open for the Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant for the Chaos Space Marines! Order by Sunday, 4/7 and save 10%!

Chaos Space Marines Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant

This single miniature builds into one Lord Discordant mounted on a Helstalker daemon engine or can alternatively become Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant! The Vex Machinator destroys enemy vehicles to feed off their energy and to heal Daemon Engines.

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/30-3/31

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/30-3/31

Preorders are open for two new plastic kits for the Chaos Space Marines: Terminators and Chaos Space Marines: Havocs!. Order by Sunday, 3/31 and save 10%!

Chaos Space Marines Terminator

This kit contains four Chaos Space Marine Terminators and one Terminator Champion with multiple head and weapon options.

Chaos Space Marines Havocs

This kit contains 4 Chaos Space Marine Havocs and an Aspiring Champion who are the long-range heavy weapons specialists of the Chaos Space Marines. Their weapons include 2 autocannons, 2 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons, 2 missile launchers, 1 reaper chain-cannon. The spare heavy weapons are compatible with your Chaos Space Marines squads.

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/23-3/24

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/23-3/24

Preorders are open for Abaddon the Despoiler, a new wave of Chaos Space Marines, a brand-new Codex for Chaos Space Marines, a themed Dice Set, brand-new Datacards, the Noctilith Crown, and last but not least, Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze. Order by Sunday, 3/24 and save 10%!

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

This brand-new Codex has all the rules you need to command a Chaos Space Marines army including a datasheet for the Noctilith Crown and models from the Shadowspear box set. This also includes rules for miniatures from the Imperium Nihilus books.

Datacards: Chaos Space Marines

This 89 card set contains the following datacards for the Chaos Space Marine Army:

  • 36 Tactical Objectives
  • 27 Stratagems
  • 10 Prayers to the Dark Gods
  • 16 psychic powers

Chaos Space Marines Dice Set

A set of 20 Chaos Space Marines themed six-sided dice with all of the dice featuring a gold dice with black ink fill on each fac. Each dice also features the Black Legion icon on the 6 and a horned skull icon on the 1.

Chaos Space Marine

This plastic kit contains the components able to build the 10 miniatures that represents the core units of the Chaos Space Marines army.

Abaddon the Despoiler

Now available in plastic, this kit is an update of one of the most iconic Warhammer 40,000 characters that can feature 3 choices of heads and an optional cloak.

Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze

This Warhammer 40,000 campaign book includes the Black Legion and Renegade Chapters rules. This also describes the conflict, the forces that fought there, rules for making your own campaigns, and concludes the story of the war for Vigilus as started in Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant.

Chaos Space Marines Noctilith Crown

This Chaos Space Marines scenery piece is designed in the form of a massive 8-pointed Chaos star. Its datasheet is in the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/9-3/10

Preorder Spotlight: Games Workshop 3/9-3/10

Preorders are open for the Battletome and Warscroll Cards for Blades of Khorne! We’ve also got the Judgements of Khorne and Skull Altar scenery pieces up for preorder, as well as Skulltaker, Karanak, Flesh Hounds and the Bloodmaster. Order by Sunday, 3/17 and save 10%!

Battletome: Blades of Khorne

The essential book for mortal and daemons of Khorne armies witch contains all the rules you need to build an army of Khorne. Inside includes rules exclusive to this Battletome: allegiance abilities, command traits, artifacts of power, prayers, battleplans, path to glory warband creation, warscroll battalions and warscrolls.

Blades of Khorne Warscroll Cards

38 large-format Warscroll cards, including 3 Judgements of Khorne and 1 Skull Altar.


This brand-new one miniature kit can command Bloodletters to be even more savage in combat.

Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne

A Herald of Khorne, now available in plastic! This unit delivers multiple attacks and inspires Bloodletters to leap into combat.

Karanak, Hound of Vengeance

A brand-new version of a classic one miniature kit that was previously only available in Wrath and Rapture.

Flesh Hounds

A five figure set containing five Flesh Hounds that were previously only available in Wrath and Rapture.

Blades of Khorne Skull Altar

A scenery piece for use in Blades of Khorne armies.

Judgements of Khorne

4 Judgement of Khorne miniatures specifically designed for Blades of Khorne armies.