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Planeswalker Sealed Deck Tournament

Planeswalker Sealed Deck Tournament

Magic: the Gathering Planeswalker Weekend Sealed Deck Tournament

Saturday, May 25th, starting at 12 PM

$30 Entry w/ promos & store credit prizes

In this Sealed Deck event, players will build a 40+ card deck using 6 booster packs of War of the Spark.

This event will use a special “Rainbow Walker“ limited format, allowing players to cast Planeswalkers using any color of mana!

In addition to store credit prizes, each player will receive an alternate art promo Karn’s Bastion & a full art promo Time Wipe. The winner of the event will also receive an exclusive Champion’s playmat!

*Please register at least 15 minutes before the start time of this event*

MTG Draft Weekend: War of the Spark

MTG Draft Weekend: War of the Spark

A full weekend of events celebrating the release of the new War of the Spark set for Magic: the Gathering!

*War of the Spark Release Booster Draft*
Friday, May 3rd @ 6:15 PM
Packs: 3x War of the Spark
$15 Entry, Store Credit Prizes

*War of the Spark Draft Weekend Booster Draft*
Saturday, May 4th @ 1 PM
& Sunday, May 5th @ 1 PM
Packs: 3x War of the Spark
$15 entry per event, store credit prizes
Participants in our Saturday & Sunday drafts will each receive a Draft Weekend -exclusive 🌟 Bolas’s Citadel 🌟 promo!

MTG Open House: War of the Spark

MTG Open House: War of the Spark

Join us on Sunday, May 5th and learn to play at Magic Open House!

Magic Open House is the perfect place to learn Magic or teach a friend – all ages welcome!

Learn to play Magic with individual and group instruction from 1 PM to 3 PM. Each participant will receive a Magic welcome deck and an exclusive Liliana’s Triumph promo card!

Put your new skills (and deck) to use in Standard-format Open Play from 3 PM to 6 PM.