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Warhammer 40K: A Step from Damnation [Ouroboros Studios]

Warhammer 40K: The Abyss Gazes [Ouroboros Studios]

The Abyss Gazes

Event Fee: $10.00
Points: 1950

Registration Ends: 11:30 AM August 17th
Event Begins: 12:00 PM August 17th

Event Description:
The wax and wane of powers have left the fabric of reality weak to the clever attack of the Daemon. Will you become the next victim of the warp?

Special rule: For every objective on the board units within 3″ could suffer wounds from Daemons reaching out into the material. At the start of the battle round roll a d6, on a 1, every unit within 3″ of an objective suffers a mortal wound.

Warhammer 40K: A Step from Damnation [Ouroboros Studios]

Warhammer 40K: Slam into the Warp [Ouroboros Studios]

Slam into the Warp

Event Fee: $10.00
Points: 1850

Registration Ends: 11:30 AM July 20h
Event Begins: 12:00 PM July 20th

Event Description:
The warp has never been so present in the physical universe. Imperial leaders have ordered everyone to not look up lest they become possessed by Daemons.

Special rule: Units that are physically higher than others gain a further +1 to their armor saves to a max of 2+ (Infantry only)

New Ouroboros packets will be available for the event, with changes made based on all of your great feedback!

Warhammer 40K Escalation League – Pt. 4, 2000 Pts

Warhammer 40K Escalation League – Pt. 4, 2000 Pts

Warhammer 40K Escalation League
Part 4: 2000 Pts, Frontline Assault
June 16th – June 29th


Jupiter Games Presents
Warhammer 40,000: Spring Escalation League.

While war wages in the Hadrian System, other eyes look towards the nearby Antoecian Gulf and see an easy target for expansion…

League Entry Fee: $15.00

Determined by Escalation Period

Escalation Periods and Scenarios:
Each Escalation Period will allow for one of two Scenarios that may be selected from the 2018 Games Workshop Chapter Approved Book, they are as follows.

500, Vital Intelligence (pg. 48) or Disruptive Signals (pg. 54)
1000, Narrow the Search (pg. 49) or Decapitation Strike (pg. 55)
1500, Cut off the Head (pg. 50) or Strategic Gamble (pg. 56)
2000, The Four Pillars (pg. 51) or Tactical Cascade (pg. 57)

Deployment Maps:
Each Period will use the following Deployment Maps as laid out in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Rulebook

500: Spearhead Assault
1,000: Hammer and Anvil
1,500: Dawn of War
2,000: Frontline Assault

List Requirements:
Core Army: At the beginning of the League every player must select a valid battleforged detachment. Then, throughout the League they must always bring that valid battleforged detachment (Though the unit types contained within may change).

Event Rules:
You will declare your Keyword at registration.
You will build an initial 500-point force using that Keyword. This force will act as the foundation for subsequent Escalation Periods in the League.
For each Escalation Period after the first, you will increase your force to match the Points value for the current Escalation Period while retaining the units selected in the 500 point escalation Period, all other units may be changed from battle to battle.

League Scoring Sheets will be available at the Jupiter Games front counter. You will use this to record the Victory Points achieved by both players in each League game.

Report your Victory Points by turning in your League Scoring Sheet at the Jupiter Games front counter after each League game.
You will receive full Victory Points (as scored) for the first League game played in each Escalation Period. Subsequent League games reported in that Period will receive one bonus Victory Point, for a maximum of three bonus Victory Points per Period. You may play more than four League games in an Escalation Period, but only the first four games will grant you Victory Points.

League Games may not be played against players who are not
participants in the current Escalation League.

You will suffer no penalty if you are unable to play any League games during an Escalation Period, however, you will not receive any Victory Points for that Period.