Jupiter Games limits the purchase of Magic Singles to 8 (eight, two playsets) of each card. This limit applies regardless of whether the cards are purchased in a single order or across two or more orders. Orders that circumvent this limit will be canceled, in whole or in part, and refunded within two business days.

Jupiter Games has a $5 minimum purchase threshold for online transactions.

Jupiter Games makes select Magic Singles available for purchase before release. We label these as “Presale” cards. We will hold all cards in orders containing “Presale” cards until formally released Wizards of the Coast.

If you wish to purchase both “Presale” cards and cards that are released, please do so in separate orders.

Jupiter Games handles Magic: the Gathering promotional materials, including Promo Magic Singles, in strict accordance to the Wizards of the Coast Promotional Materials Policy.
Jupiter Games does not sell undistributed promos.